Tuesday 29 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Days 42 - 45

"If you want to reach a goal, you must 'see the reaching' in your own mind 
before you actually arrive at your goal"
- Zig Ziglar

Do you have a vision of where you want to be?  Can you picture what you will look like when you arrive at your destination?

This is the time of the year to be drawing up your goals, to be creating a Vision Board that will assist you in maintaining your drive and determination to achieve your goal.

I use a vision board every year, and it includes many different aspects of my life, my health, my fitness, my travel plans, my business plans, and my fun plans.  

This is my vision board for 2015 - and I'm happy to say that I have achieved a lot of things that were on this board.  I place my vision board in my bedroom, so it's the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing at night.  I also load it as my wallpaper on my iPad, and on my phone.  These steps help to keep me focused on where I'm heading for the year, what steps I need to undertake and how I'm going with my plans.  

By having a vision board, you are gently reminded on a regualr basis of what it is that you are wanting to achieve this year. This allows you to remain focused on what you are striving for.  It doesn't allow you to slip back into memory (past) or worry (future), it ensures you are firmly making a conscious choice to do the things you want to do each day.  When your vision board is in front of you, constantly reminding you of your goal, you are more able to make the choice about whether or not to have that sugary treat!

Set your vision board today, contact me now to ask how!

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Monday 28 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Days 33 - 41

How Accountable Are You?

When you begin any new journey in life, do you take the time to allocate a person you are accountable to?  Should you do this?  What are the benefits of being accountable?

From my journey over this last month, and previously when I was losing a set amount of weight, I have found that having an accountability partner of great benefit.

Accountability partners:

  • encourage
  • ensure you complete that last task
  • ask you how you are going, without judgement
  • motivate you to take one more step
  • allow you to speak your truth about where you are at
  • pick you up when you stumble

My blogging journey for my healthy mind and body program has not been as consistent as I would like it to be, however, what I am happy with, is that I always complete it eventually.

In reality, this is a pattern in most of the things that I undertake.  I go in 'fits and starts', but I do complete it!  So, whatever your journey, do take the time to grab yourself an accountability partner to be your cheer leader, and to support you and give you positive feedback whenever you feel you are stumbling.

"Regardless of who you are or what you have been,
you can be what you want to be"
 - W. Clement Stone

When you embark on a life journey, plateaus or blockages can occur (this feels like a blockage for me, being consistent). So how do you break through them?

Blockage Breakthrough

Where do you place your focus?  On what you don't want? Or on what you do want?
You get to choose what you focus on - your thoughts influence what you get.
How do you communicate with yourself?
Body language is 55% of your communication tools with yourself.  If, e.g., you are sitting on the couch, slumped, lying down, what is this saying about yourself?  If you're at like I was, it's basically saying that you're not worthy to be noticed, that you're not good enough to complete the task, that you're heavy and insignificant where you're sitting...............
Change your sitting posture, change your self speak and change how you talk to others.

Bad Habits
So, you're sitting on the couch, watching TV, slumped, feeling low, heavy, out of sorts - you catch your posture, knowing that this is influencing you, how do you change it?



A sudden, and dramatic, posture change and body language change, will stimulate your change of physcial habits
"Every choice you make has an end result"
 - Zig Ziglar

When you are creating a new habit, it must be repeated and practiced over and over and over before it becomes second nature.  Did you learn to drive overnight? No, you practiced and practiced and practiced, before it started to become second nature to you - I'm sure you now drive without even thinking about how you change lanes, change gears, overtake, drive at 100km/h and all the other small actions you do without conscious thought to drive home every day.

Focus : Memory : Worry

Focus: live in the moment, make a conscious choice
Memory: live in the past
Worry: live in the future

Always keep to FOCUS. This is a conscious choice, and one that will allow you to continue to step forward, one step at a time, on your new life journey.

Remember, it's okay to restart your change, your life journey, as often as it's required. Each time you do, you are growing stronger and stronger.

Having an accountability partner, who remembers to keep you focused, and encourages you to actively restart whenever you need to, helps you grow stronger on your journey.  Contact me now to get your accountability partner and to begin your life journey with me today!

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Saturday 12 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Days 26 - 32

Weight Loss Help

We all fall off the wagon at times, and in my journey, I have done it often enough.  BUT, the important thing in any journey is to get back up onto your feet, brush yourself off, and continue forwards, without negative self talk, and with a positive attitude.

Well, after a stint of completing the daily tasks in the program, I had an event that dumped me off the wagon unceremoniously!! A night out with friends, that turned into an affair bigger than Ben Hur, as the sayings go! Consequently, I was exhausted after staying up until 3am drinking red wine, and then waking at 7.30am (it's hot and very sunny here at that time!) thinking I'd had plenty of sleep - what a joke that was!!  By the time I got home later that afternoon, my mind wasn't on my program, or my healthy eating at all.  So, another glass of wine and an early night followed.  What happened to my committment? Well, truthfully, I slept through it!!

Then, it was about getting back into the routine.  How easy is it to find excuses not to do something, even though you know how good it is for you to be doing it?  The self talk is always full of excuses.  Well, it took me until Thursday to step back into my routines, just the program, as the healthy eating resumed very quickly on Monday, followed by a full cleanse Tuesday and Wednesday - boy did I feel so much more energised for doing it!!

On Thursday I completed days 26 - 29, then the storm hit! Well, it was a fairly heavy thunder and lightening show (very pretty too, sat outside and watched it until the rain became too heavy and my shelter not dry enough!), so all the computers and modem were switched off - end of that day's committment.  No excuses, it was done, but the blogging wasn't complete.  Never mind.  

Now, here I am, on Day 32, finishing up days 30 - 32 and finally blogging about the journey.

I found it interesting that the first topic discussed was mindset on Day 26

Your mindset is fueled by your thoughts
How you feel is associated with the thoughts you choose to accept


Your actions & your attitude create your reality

Then we looked into the excitement factor.  When you begin a new way of eating or a new exercise regime, or even a new mindset programme, there is an element of excitement that carries you through the first steps of this isn't there?  Then the excitement drops.  What happens then?
Quite often, this is the time most people QUIT.  But, if you keep doing it anyway, then you are beginning to develop a sub-conscious habit - that is what you're aiming for when developing new habits - to be able to do it without having to feel forced, to think actively about it, it just happens!

Do you plan your day?  What happens on your day off, especially when you have no plans?  Yep, pretty much nothing right?  Well, having a plan, even a simple one, will keep you focused on your tasks for the day ahead.  Plan it out the night before, make it one of your last tasks you do before you go to bed at night - what is it you want to achieve tomorrow, and when will you do it.  It can be as simple as "I am walking for 20 minutes at lunchtime" - notice the language? You are saying I am.  This tells your body that you are doing it, not that you should or you might, but that you are doing it!

For more information on how you too can get started on your journey, contact me through the attached form, or go to my website, www.SandraVenablesHealth.com

Saturday 5 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 25

Weight Loss Help

Day 25 of 60 - and now the act of logging on and getting to do my training every day is moving into the area of being a habit - it's routine to ensure I log on and get my tasks done for the day - not need too, not have to, but get to do it.

Those words are a change in themselves.

Changing your routines follow the change in your focus, the focus in your mind. Remember I spoke about focus on Day 18?

Building a new habit, is one that will support you for your lifestyle.  

What habit are you creating as we step towards the season of temptation?  What habit have you begun to introduce that will support your during this time? For me, it's adding a bottle of soda water (not flavoured soda pop, just carbonated water) to the fridge, this is my go to drink in the evenings, especially when it's prettied up with a slice of lemon!

Find someone who you admire, look at why you admire them, what attitudes and habits do they regularly follow? Can you step into those yourself? Can you mirror someone you admire?

There is only one success- to be able to spend your life in your own way.
- Christopher Morley

 For more information on the weight loss products I utilise, check out www.SandraVenablesHealth.com

Friday 4 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body- Day 24

Weight Loss Help


After a long day, I made the effort and completed Day 24. Support is important on any journey, and having a partner hold me accountable has helped me complete today's entry, even though my eyelids are almost closed after a day of driving around 250km!!

Thursday 3 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 23

Weight Loss Help

Things are getting tough, you'd think after 21 days that there would be a new habit formed. But, it's till difficult! A struggle.

Does your journey ever feel that way? I'm sure it does at times. Changing the habits of a lifetime, or years of self talk can be difficult to change. Mainly because your inner voice, or your inner Lizard, wants to keep you in a place of 'comfort', a place your person has been 'ok' with.

My inner voice is about self belief in being successful in all that I do, it then wishes to reinforce that I'm not successful, so it creates situations where I cannot succeed, thus reinforcing my weakness, and hence, my place of 'comfort'.

Does this happen to you?

The joy of the program I am currently doing is that it's working on my self deception, allowing me to identify it, recognise it, and thus be able to pick up on it, and therefore to CHANGE the outcome

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 21 & 22

Weight Loss Help

Thankfully I follow the Four Agreements, and know that I have done the best I can!

Yesterday, I set out to achieve a goal. And I achieved it!

The goal was to climb Mt Warning in 3 hours or less. It was a struggle, it was a very hot day, and my hubby was getting affected by the heat. 

On the climb, an interesting thing happened. Just before the summit, the last 0.4km is almost a vertical rock climb, my hubby was struggling, and he said to me to go on ahead. It reminded me of our life in business. Every day my husband supports me in my business goals, always there for me, always pushing me to complete my goals.

I believe everyone needs a champion in their corner, who is your champion? 

On a Life Journey, everyone needs someone who supports them and keeps them accountable.


Monday 30 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 20

Weight Loss Help

Even though I didn't want to log on today, it was a long driving day, 4 hours of driving, so my eyes are exhausted! I just got up and did it!

Interestingly, the content today was about stepping out of your comfort zone, to a place where you feel uncomfortable. It certainly feels uncomfortable getting to complete my lesson today, though I do know and appreciate that learnings and growth occurs when you feel uncomfortable - BRING IT ON!!

Creating a habit takes time. Did you go from zero to full speed on any of your bad habits (insert here the habit you wish to change, that could be eating chocolate, drinking cans of soda, or even smoking)? 

When you first started that habit, did you jump in and eat, e.g. a block of chocolate at once, or did you start with one square and slowly eat more and more?

Most habits become habits die to consistency and gradual increase in the behaviour.

It's the same with developing a new habit such as exercise. Just begin small, keep consistent, and gradually increase how much you do.

This is how I got back into my exercise routine, I started with just one small 25 minute walk on one day.

Wanting to change your habits? Call me now

Sunday 29 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - day 19

Weight Loss Help - Quick Tip

Seriously feeling fantastic. Up at 5.30am as I was running a market stall, picked up my friend at 6am, tea in hand (thank you my darling man), arrived at our stall around 7am, set up and ready to go by 8. Feeling invincible!

Washed out late in the day, creating some cleaning. As t was a Sunday, all thoughts of business commitment faded dramatically.

Now, at bed time, I realised I could spend a few moments to create a response in my course, AND a blog!!


How many day now, oh yes, let me count, 6!!

Feeling pretty darn happy, and consistent!

Enjoy my storm photos and video. This was one of the things that postponed my routine, but, yes, I still managed it!!  Looks like I will have to post the videos tomorrow as technology isn't playing the game. Won't let that stop me today x

Saturday 28 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 18

Weight Loss Help

More consistent action has occurred. Yet again, I have logged in and completed my course work, I woke and did my planking exercise, before going for an extra long walk, and now I am here sharing.  

Today is about focus, and the laws of focus.  

What You Focus On:

  • you find

  • seems real to you

  • grows

  • ultimately, you become

    "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life"
    - Steve Jobs

    Natural weight loss

Friday 27 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 17

Weight Loss Help

I'm beginning to believe that procrastination is flying out of the window.  Here I am on Day 17 of my course and I've now been consistently completing it every day for the last 4 days, a record. I have done my dreaded planking exercise every monring for 4 mornings.  And best of all, I overcame my procrastinating mind this morning, it was all 

  • "oh, you've already done 2 workouts in a row, have a rest" 
  • "oh, do you really want to get up and do weights?" 
  • "are you sure you want to get up?"


I got up and went to my gym area to lift weights, thought I'd only do one set and give up, BUT I didn't!!

I started to enjoy doing it after all, awesome!  Listening to the sounds of the birds gave me such gratitude for being in this special place. A great way to begin the day.

removing procrastination

By getting to this stage in my 60 day journey, I have come to the realisation that my mindset closely follows the beautiful quote by Henry Ford

"Whether you think you can,
or you think you can't
You're right

Natural weight loss

Thursday 26 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 16

Weight Loss Help

Here we are, another day, another day of committment and completion!

Wow, oh wow, the feeling of excitement, knowing that I have got up, done my plank exercise, gone for a walk, and now completed another day in a row of my healthy mind and body course - feeling very proud of myself (yes, it is okay to be proud of your achievements, remember, I did say that you must first love who you are now? This applies)

The sense of purpose, knowing that after two weeks, things are starting to come together for me, enhances how my mood is, it enhances my motivation levels, and definitely reduces the procrastination!

Today is a day of purpose, gratitude and love for all around me.

Yesterday, my day started differently, and then it lifted, the changes that occurred because I took some actions, in both my business day and my personal day, were all positive.  I made the decision to work more efficiently, and I still managed to complete my tasks even when 'obstacles' arose (yes, they were positive obstacles, and they changed my routine, but I still completed my tasks!).  I even made a decision to turn off the tv and read a book, instead of fridge hunting when the ads were on, do you know what? When you read a book, there are no boring ads!! How incredible!!

Haa haa, feeling very positive about the journey forward.   It will always be a journey, never forget that!

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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 15

Weight Loss Help

Day 15 - two days in a row now, and I've been doing my coursework - Woo Hoo!!

I also made a committment yesterday to do one exercise for the next week, choosing one I didn't particulary enjoy.  So, this morning, before my walk, I got up and did a plank, raising alternate arms, 10 times each - phew! Done. Now, to repeat for another 6 mornings

It's all about making changes.  These changes will help you to condition your mind, and attitude, to taking steps towards your goals.

Thinking about how you want to be.

Asking yourself, why do I want to create that body?

Remembering that you are responsible for all your choices

You are therefore responsible for your transformation

Remember, in order to step into change, one of the first steps is to remember to love yourself first, as you are now.  It's not the external that we/people see and love, it's what's inside.  Take a look, honestly, at yourself. List what others see, that they love about you (yes, I know it's hard, I've come from a place of disbelief in self, a place of not thinking I'm worthy), and then take that list and agree with it!

Be grateful for who you were, before wanting to make a change, lovingly step towards where you want to be.

Self talk that empowers you is important. Here are some examples:

  • I am strong enough
  • I am on my way
  • I am worthy
  • I am enough
  • I am able to do this
  • I am moving forward
  • I am loveable and loving
  • I am............

As you can see, there is a pattern - taking responsibility for where you are, for your choices, means that you step into that responsibility, with love and gratitude.

Now, once you've written a list, stand tall (I call it WARRIOR POSE - hands on hips, straight back, feet shoulder width apart) and speak your list out loud, with confidence, 3 times - YES 3 TIMES!!

By breathing self belief into yourself daily, you will walk differently, hold yourself differently, and you will believe in YOU!

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 12 - 14

Weight Loss Help

One of the consistent aspects of undertaking my daily journaling with this study is that I'm consistently inconsistent! 

However, I am still committed to this study, and I'm consistently good at catching up!  Every 2 - 3 days, I take the time to complete my daily tasks!

By day 60, I'll be doing this daily!!

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
-  Albert Einstein

My plan is to complete my daily tasks

Want to join me on this journey?

Saturday 21 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 11

Weight Loss Help

Another busy day today, but the excuses did not override the commitment - time to celebrate!!!!

Here I am - celebrating being ME. Celebrating my commitment

Vision is the focus of today, what keeps you going?  What keeps you on target?

"With a powerful vision and strong desire, you can truly focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. With consistent focus on what you want, you can achieve it."
- Isagenix

Focusing on my energy, my ability to live in the now, avoids the worry of what is to come, the regret or wishes for what was - truly focusing on today, living for today, with today in mind.

Yes, there is always the big vision, where I'm going to, but by living in the here and now, I can see the future vision, without the worry, without the anxiety, without the continual wish that things were different.

My new mindset vision - what I am living into:

I awake with joy and excitement in my heart, running over my Morning 6 to keep me focused on what is to be done today, and the WHY.  During the day, the challenges don't give way to procrastination, they instead give me the energy and the excitement to forge ahead, as I know that this change, and change is exciting and to be embraced.  By focusing on today, on what needs to be done today to take me one step closer to my ultimate goal, makes the day seem so much easier and joyful.  One step closer to being able to help those who need their health improved, but have noone to turn to, no medical system to support them, one step closer to building a home for the homeless, creating an unique space for the homeless that is governed by The Four Agreements (and of course, an area for their pets!). This mindset gives rise to much gratitude that I have been put here to implement these options for those that need the extra help, all deserve love, joy, peace and gratitude in their lives.  

- Sandra Venables
Nov 2015

My WHY - develop your own too, it keeps you focused.

My vision is to impact the health of the children of HIV positive parents, to ensure they have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest they can, in a healthy and positive manner. To repay Bern for all I have borrowed from him. To build a place for the homeless on the Gold Coast, that will support them, and their pets, in a way that is non-confrontational to them, that helps them achieve what they wish to achieve, that is run on the vision of gratitude and positiveness, and the Four Agreements, that allows others to grow again, to step into the world with love and know that there is a point to this magic life they live. My legacy will be to the chiildren of sick parents and to those without a home  
- Sandra Venables
Nov 2015

weight loss help

Friday 20 November 2015

Are You Overreacting?

Life Journey

Look around you, how are you reacting to situations?  Life is about a choice, you choose how you react.

"Life is 10% of what happens to me, and 90% of how I react to it"
- Chuck Swindoll

Choice is a decision.  You choose. 

  • to be overweight
  • to not exercise
  • to eat junk food
  • to drink soda
  • to be the victim

When did you give up responsibility for how you live your life?

Choose now to make the decision to make change. Start today!


Healthy Mind and Body - Day 8, 9 & 10

Weight Loss Help

Well, here I am at Day 10, and I've had 'good' excuses for not completing Days 8 and 9 before today.  I have even had some wonderful justification. Talk about learning!!  


  • it's been a long day
  • my mother called me
  • I've been working all day already


  • I'm working on moving forward anyway
  • I've been focused on the steps I need to make anyway
  • I'm going in the right direction anyway

Notice a pattern? I certainly have while I've been writing this out - anyway. What an amazing word to use for justifying why I've not stuck to my committment.  Yes, I am playing catch up now, so that indicates to me that I am doing the best I can (remember the Four Agreements?), and I am almost committing!

Yes, I have noticed that I have been more focused since I made the committment to this 60 day journey. However, there will always be obstacles in your path (and mine too), and finding excuses is a natural thing to do, BUT, finding reasons to still do it regardless is important!  This is my journey.

One of the first statements on Day 8 is about blocking and resistance, I think this is where I'm at and it's what will be changing.  Let's go for it!

"You will either step forward into growth, or step backward into safety"
- Abraham Maslow

Stop procrastinating about starting - contact me now to find out how!

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 7

Weight Loss Help

When taking the journey through natural weight loss, often it's your will power, the strength of your mind, that will get you through the rough days.

'The energy of the mind is the essence of life'
- Aristotle

This quote by Aristotle is very relevant to your weight Loss journey. The strength of your mind determines your outcome, it determines how you see the day, and therefore how you approach the day.

Determine your own day. Remember it is your choice how you see the day, your choice to react to situations and food temptations, your choice...........

Today, I chose to have a nutritional cleanse, I was tempted many times to stop it and eat some food, rather than follow my balanced herbal cleansing routine, my mind and my WHY kept me on track. Here I am, at the end of the day, about to make a warming cup of tea to celebrate my success. Thank you mind, for all you do to take me on my preferred journey.

Monday 16 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 6

Weight Loss Help

Do you use the daily tasks as an excuse or as a reason? 

When you are on a Life Journey, it can feel easier to fall back on an excuse for not doing something that takes you a step closer to your goal.

Today, I could've very easily said, oh that's just too hard, let it go, and walk away. It was about getting my phone issues sorted out, but it relates to my Life Journey.

The person assisting me on swapping my intermittent faulty phone with a new one was not able to quickly and easily swap my info from one phone to another. The thought went through my mind

'Oh, you don't really deserve to have your phone replaced, just say it's too hard, walk away and take your almost ok phone with you, it'll be easier'

However, I overrode that thought and stated instead

'I deserve no less than anyone else, I am worth the best, because I am the best'

WOW, what a change for me!! Yes, I deserve the best, so stand up and ask for it!

Are you believing in yourself? And are you grateful for all that happens to you in a day, both positive and negative? All experiences help us to learn. 

Enjoy and embrace your learning as you go on your weight loss journey.

Sunday 15 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 5

Weight Loss Help

Though today has been exceptionally full, I've found the time at last to be consistent and committed to changing my attitude.

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."
-  Robert Collier

Taking a small step every day towards your goal is inspirational. 

Making changes in your current lifestyle will feel difficult, it will make you wonder why you are doing this new thing. That Lizard on your shoulder (your internal voice) will try to protect you and make you remain within your comfort zone.

Remember, all change appears to be difficult while you're transforming your lifestyle. 

Push through these uncomfortable moments, by remembering your WHY.  Why do you want to have a new nutritional lifestyle, that allows you to achieve those things you originally wrote down. Remember what they were?

Things such as:

  • keeping up with your children
  • sleeping through the night
  • having energy at the end of the day
  • having energy when you wake up
  • wearing a bikini
  • wearing that wonderful little black number you have spotted!!

Looking forward to hearing your inner voice telling you this is difficult, celebrate it, embrace it, fight for the change, make the changes one step at a time!

Saturday 14 November 2015

Heatlhy Mind And Body - Day 3 & 4

Weight Loss Help

On my Life Journey, making changes to habits, I can slip up.  Yesterday was no different. I can make excuses for not opening up my Healthy Mind and Body course work, or I can state what actually happened.  What actually happened was that I just plain forgot to complete the task.

Now, in the words of don Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, I am being impeccable with my word (not berrating myself for not doing it) and agreeing that I did the best I could yesterday. And here I am today, completing the coursework from yesterday and also from today.  A little catchup and still the feeling of consistency and committment are strong and true.

"A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes"
- Ghandi

This quote from Ghandi is very reflective of how my day went yesterday, I knew it was to be a day of learning, as I was going to a training seminar. My mind was open and I saw different opportunities, including feeling confident enough to offer my services to an acquaintance - and he accepted - first sale done!!  Such joyous feelings from that, and then my mind was so much more open to learning.  Loved the consequences of keeping an open mind, thinking I was learning something new, then seeing it unfold and develop into business.

When you are learning a new habit, often you have an inner voice playing along with you.  This inner voice, which some have called a Lizard, is looking out for you, keeping you in your comfort zone, not allowing you to be hurt.  In doing this, the Lizard is also keeping you from changing your habits.

This inner voice will justify and make excuses for why you did not do something, it will justify why you are eating a little more every day, why you stay in bed rather than exercise, why you don't complete your tasks for the day.  All to keep you in the perceived place of comfort.  When the inner voice, or Lizard, is getting louder with justifications and excuses, that's when you know you're on the verge of change.

Embrace this inner voice, and use it to fuel your passion for the change you so desire.  

Your desired change may be that
  • you're fitter, 
  • you've dropped a dress size, 
  • you're able to keep up with the kids without panting, 
  • you're feeling comfortable in a bikini
  • you're eating because it's fuel for your body, and not smothering your emotions
When you are building new habits, taking one step at a time, in order to reinforce the change, is easier to do than jumping right in and changing everything in one day.

"Becoming is better than being"
- Carol Dweck

Friday 13 November 2015

Do Weight Loss Apps MAKE You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Apps & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Apps

Do you use Smartphone apps to aid in your diet for weight loss?  Do you use an app to monitor your food intake to ensure you are following a natural weight loss?

A recent study undertaken in the US and published in the Obesity Journal, shows that the use of a Smartphone app to aid in weight loss did not have an effect.  This was when it was compared to personal coaching and a control group.

The study was undertaken on young overweight (considered obese) adults.  Those with the personal coaching had lost more weight after 6 months, but after 24 months, there was no longer a significant difference between the groups.

I looked through the supporting information and what I did find interesting was that the healthy eating habits index, when compared to the baseline, had all three groups increasing their calorie intake in the first 6 months!  After 24 months, the group using the Smartphone app had reduced their calorie intake closer back to the baseline.  So, does it make you more aware of what you're eating?

I personally use a couple of Smartphone apps. The first one I used was myFitnessPal.  I used this app to assess my calorie intake each day. You can also add your exercise and water intake, and even set up a supportive group of friends doing the same thing.  Make it a competition!!  I found this was good for helping me establish my portion control

The second app I have been using lately, is MapMyWalk. This is helping me monitor how long I walk for, and at what pace, giving a report on my activities.  You can use this with friends also, and can share it on Facebook (which I have been) to keep you motivated and accountable.  I quite like this one too.

I also have a Samsung smartphone, and it has a program on it called SHealth. This monitors my steps every day, which is useful for those days when I'm not actually doing an organised activity, but I can still see that I've achieved at least 60 minutes walking, in between meetings, or office duties.  So I find that useful too. 

Tell me what your experiences are of Smartphone apps and your weight loss journey

Natural Weight Loss

Thursday 12 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body, Day 2

Do You Self Sabotage?

Only on Day 2 of my new 60 day Life Journey committment to consistency and the Universe appears to be conspiring to sabotage me!!  Clients texting wanting products made up for them now, people popping into the clinic in my next scheduled time to do the course, hubby popping in to ask questions, and thoughts of what needs to be done next!  

Finally, I stopped and said, NO, I am doing this and the next important 'stuff' needs to wait for 1/4 of an hour!!

First statement of my course highlights the following:

"Your thoughts shape your day, and you have a choice on what you think and feel"

How appropriate - I woke up knowing I'd be busy, and it's been busier than I'd expected - so my thoughts truly are shaping my day. And, then I made a choice, to stop and breathe, and become more inspired in my path forwards.

I decided to focus on what is important for me - to move ahead on my healthy body goals, and to move ahead in my business!  It's been a busy day, but a day of focus, so that is important to me.

Be Grateful For Your Day & All It Entails

Be Proud Of Your Achievements, No Matter The Size

You Are Doing The Best You Can, Be Gentle & Grateful

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Secret Tips To Sodium or Salt In Your Diet

Increased Risk Of Obesity 25%

Reading the local paper revealed a study has shown that the percentage by which a person's risk of obesity is increased by 25%, for each gram of salt you eat a day.  This means that your natural weight loss program may silently be sabotaged by the foods, and the so-called healthy foods, that you are choosing.  In the article below, the recommendation is to reduce your intake of sodium to either 2300mg or 1500mg a day, this is in line with the FDA which also recommends you reduce your intake to 2300mg a day, unless you're in a high risk group, then reduce it to 1500mg a day

How Much Salt Do You Eat A Day?

Remember to check out hidden salt on your processed foods. This is where a lot of the salt you consume on a daily basis is hidden. It's not usually about the amount of salt you add to your food, most people today add less and less due to a variety of media campaigns over the years.

A good article about where to find your salt and sodium levels in your foods is given below:

"When you scan food labels, what’s the first stat you check? I’d venture a guess that for most people, it’s calories. Our eyes then veer to other nutrients — fats, carbs, sugar, fiber. But in my experience, not enough people pause to review the sodium content before making their choice.

That’s unsettling, because all of us — young and old, high blood pressure or not — should be paying attention to how much sodium we’re getting from packaged foods. Eating a high-salt diet raises blood pressure and increases the risk of other long-term health problems, including heart attack and stroke. While major health organizations currently disagree on how low we should go (many advise less than 1500 milligrams sodium per day for at-risk populations, while the Institute of Medicine recently concluded there wasn’t enough evidence at this time torecommend reductions below 2300 milligrams), they all agree that reducing the population’s sodium intake from the current excessive levels is an important public health goal.


Salt: The Other Sugar

Salt isn’t as hot button an issue as sugar, even though both have well-established, detrimental effects on health. That may be in part because salt doesn’t have a direct link to weight and obesity, which is such an emotionally-charged issue. You can get away with eating a high-salt diet for decades of your life without seeing the damage on the outside — around your waistline and thighs — but chances are, it will catch up with you eventually, in the form of high blood pressure and possibly something worse. The short-term benefits of a low-sodium diet aren’t as tangible, and the long-term problems are far away, which makes it harder to convince the public it’s a high health priority.

On top of that, it’s more difficult to conceptualize how much salt is in foods. Health experts can grab the public’s attention by dramatically unveiling the 17 teaspoons of straight sugar found in a 20-ounce bottle of soda, but even with the saltiest foods, we’re talking about fractions of a teaspoon. The message just isn’t as powerful.

And because we still don’t pay enough attention to sodium as we should, companies are able to get away with putting outrageous amounts of salt into processed and restaurant foods, which supply about 75 percent of the salt in the U.S. diet. Sure, we might think to check the sodium in obvious offenders, like soup and other canned foods, but we’re less likely to pay attention in foods that don’t scream “salty”, like breads, cereals, salad dressings, and frozen meals. (Heads up: Bread is actually the number one source of sodium in our diet, because we eat so much of it.)


Health Foods Can Be Salt Bombs

What’s more, there are a huge number of seemingly healthy products — with an otherwise very appealing overall nutrition profile — that have ridiculously high sodium numbers. Here are some that stood out on a recent trip to the supermarket:
  • Whole-Wheat Bread: I spotted brands with 200 mg per slice, or 400 mg per sandwich. That’s 17 percent of the maximum daily recommended intake (2300 mg). I also came across a whole wheat English muffin with 530 mg (23 percent)!
  • “Healthier” Chips: One brand of lentil chips had 420 mg (18 percent) per serving. As a comparison, that’s about 2.5 times as much as a serving of regular potato chips.
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese: Some brands clocked in at 450 mg per 1/2 cup (20 percent). Yikes!
  • Hummus: Some flavors logged 140 mg per 2 Tbsp. If you ate 3 servings (a typical portion for a meal), you’d be consuming 420 mg (18 percent).
  • Salad Dressing: Some “all-natural” and “organic” brands soared as high as 450 mg (20 percent) per 2 Tbsp.
  • Whole-Grain Cereals: A few cereals went as high as 270 mg (12 percent) per serving, and many people pour more than one serving.
  • Veggie Burgers: Many were in the 400 range, and one brand went as high as 500 mg (22 percent) per patty. Eat it on a salty bun and the sodium soars even higher.
  • Pasta Sauce: These numbers shocked even me — some “organic” and “all-natural” brands topped 650 mg in just 1/2 cup.
That’s a real shame, because outside of their high sodium levels, many of these products are good options with clean ingredient lists.

The good news is, the sodiuminformation is right there on the Nutrition Facts Panel for all to see, and if you’re already checking the label for calories, fat, and sugar, it only takes another second to assess the salt content. As a general rule of thumb, I advise looking for snacks with less than 200 milligrams sodium, and meals with less than 500 milligrams (of course, less is better). If you find that some of your favorite products are on the salty side, drop the manufacturer a note using Facebook or another social media channel. If enough people request changes, they’ll be forced to listen."

Even though this article states that there are currently no direct links with weight and obesity, the UK researchers have discovered that it does increase your risk of obesity by 25%. So, it's worthwhile reducing your salt intake from the hidden foods.

If you're looking for a way to reduce the sodium and salt content in your diet, contact me now for a discussion on a way to do this. 

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