Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 15

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Day 15 - two days in a row now, and I've been doing my coursework - Woo Hoo!!

I also made a committment yesterday to do one exercise for the next week, choosing one I didn't particulary enjoy.  So, this morning, before my walk, I got up and did a plank, raising alternate arms, 10 times each - phew! Done. Now, to repeat for another 6 mornings

It's all about making changes.  These changes will help you to condition your mind, and attitude, to taking steps towards your goals.

Thinking about how you want to be.

Asking yourself, why do I want to create that body?

Remembering that you are responsible for all your choices

You are therefore responsible for your transformation

Remember, in order to step into change, one of the first steps is to remember to love yourself first, as you are now.  It's not the external that we/people see and love, it's what's inside.  Take a look, honestly, at yourself. List what others see, that they love about you (yes, I know it's hard, I've come from a place of disbelief in self, a place of not thinking I'm worthy), and then take that list and agree with it!

Be grateful for who you were, before wanting to make a change, lovingly step towards where you want to be.

Self talk that empowers you is important. Here are some examples:

  • I am strong enough
  • I am on my way
  • I am worthy
  • I am enough
  • I am able to do this
  • I am moving forward
  • I am loveable and loving
  • I am............

As you can see, there is a pattern - taking responsibility for where you are, for your choices, means that you step into that responsibility, with love and gratitude.

Now, once you've written a list, stand tall (I call it WARRIOR POSE - hands on hips, straight back, feet shoulder width apart) and speak your list out loud, with confidence, 3 times - YES 3 TIMES!!

By breathing self belief into yourself daily, you will walk differently, hold yourself differently, and you will believe in YOU!

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