Sunday 14 January 2018

Achieving Your Goals, Why Don't You?

Goal Setting - Do You Set Them? Do You Achieve Them?

If not, why not?

These are great questions!

Many people set goals every year, and many are determined to achieve them.  However, statistics bear out that very few ever achieve what they set with passion, determination and self-belief.  So why is this?

I have found this wonderful article on why weight loss goals are not easily achieved and wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy the read.


Rise Up for the New Year

By Paul Arciero, Ph.D., FACSM, FTOS

Recently, I came across this statistic: More than 60 percent of people in the United States (or, two out of three people) make New Year’s resolutions, mostly to get healthier (>85 percent), but only 8 percentare successful in achieving their resolutions!
Why is this? How can so many well-intentioned and determined people fail at such a noble, worthwhile and healthy cause? We have an abundance of easily accessible information on how to exercise, eat healthy, and manage our stress, so it’s not a result of not knowing what or how to do it. Or, is it?
In my own experience working with thousands of people of all ages, fitness levels, and health status, the most common complaint I hear on their quest to become healthier is, “I don’t know what to do or how to do it!” In other words, despite the massive amount of health information we have at our fingertips, most of us struggle to make sense of it or are unclear on what steps to take. It’s a case of “(mis)information overload” that has created confusion, frustration, and an epidemic of inaction, leading to an opposite effect of what it was designed to prevent – poor eating habits, physical inactivity, stress, and poor health.
I’ve devoted my life’s work to helping others navigate the wellness landscape in an easy-to-follow path leading to optimal health and performance. For example, I’ve developed an exercise program that is based on my scientifically proven RISE exercise protocol. I also like the name because it reminds me to get up and move! When you add in my “Protein PacingTM,” the scientifically backed eating strategy for weight loss and athletic performance, then the RISE protocol becomes the PRISE ProtocolTM.
PRISE™ is my acronym for Protein PacingTM (P); Resistance (R); Interval (I); Stretching (S); and Endurance (E) for exercise training. By incorporating these four different types of exercise, the PRISE ProtocolTM provides you benefits of each, is simple in concept, and it’s easy to make it part of your daily routine. In fact, when combined with Isagenix products, my research suggests that it can help to optimize your results.
Before you start the PRISE protocol, please follow two important steps: 1) obtain clearance from your healthcare professional to begin participating in an exercise program, and nearly all of them will be thrilled to support you on this mission, and 2) work with a healthcare professional to choose an appropriate exercise intensity to avoid injury while benefiting from the exercise.
The most common mistake people make when they begin an exercise program is exercising at the wrong intensity level. For example, some exercise too vigorously and get injured and don’t enjoy it, while others don’t push hard enough and don’t see any results. In both cases, the end result is that most of them quit! You should work with a healthcare professional to determine a proper exercise intensity while reducing the risk of injury.
Next, I encourage you to also join the IsaBody Challenge®. In fact, statistics show those who’ve joined the Challenge are four times more likely to meet their goals. That’s huge! This is not only due to the sheer motivating power of taking part in the Challenge, but also the incentives and the community that come with it. Be sure to learn more about the 16-week total body transformation challenge and register as soon as possible so that you’ll be ready in the new year.
In the athletic world, we’re accustomed to the phrase, “On your mark, get set, go!” But when it comes to your health, I say your health cannot wait. Many of us wait too long before we ever start a healthy lifestyle regimen. Instead, I say “On your mark, go!” Don’t wait until everything is perfect in your life, which is usually never, and just start your race toward a healthy lifestyle today! With the combination of the PRISE ProtocolTM and the IsaBody Challenge, let’s beat the statistics and start moving toward meeting your health resolutions now.
Protein PacingTM and the PRISE ProtocolTM are currently under trademark registration by Dr. Paul Arciero. Dr. Arciero is a member of the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board.

Joy, Love, Purpose and Self Confidence

Rose, Peppermint, Petitgrain

Walking your Life Journey can take motivation, consistency and trust.  Engaging in these and other emotions aids you in your Life Journey by supporting you in your daily lives.  

How to do it?

I use essential oil blends in my daily work. I have been using these oils in my own Life Journey, and use them every day to help me head in the direction of Life I am aiming for, whether that is in my health, my wealth or my mental and emotional states.

This blend I have chosen for you encompasses the major aspects of self-love, clarity of purpose and self-confidence.

Rose otto:
  • Rose is central to Love and to Self-Love
  • It aids you in removing the walls you have built up around yourself to protect your emotions from hurt
  • Rose allows you to live your life with passion
  • With rose you will feel a sense of contentment in your life, an acceptance of where you are and where you are heading to
  • Rose releases your inner vision and gives  you a sense of inner freedom
  • Peppermint fires up your sense of Life's Purpose, it allows you to connect more fully with your WHY
  • It allows you to take the necessary steps to make change in your Life enabling you to follow your Life's Purpose
  • Peppermint provides you with the stimulus you need to avoid the lethargic, tired, exhausted feelings, keeping you connected to your reasons for following your Life's Purpose
  • Petitgrain allows you to access your inner knowing, your stored memories from when you were self-confident, giving you the ability to reach down and connect with your self-confidence self again
  • You know that you can succeed in your Life Journey and you can connect that knowing to your motivation, stimulating your motivation to succeed
  • Petitgrain allows you to feel harmonious when you are on your Life Journey, while giving you a sense of being uplifted
When you wish to use this blend, allow 2 - 3 drops of each (though one drop of Rose otto is sufficient) and vaporise for one hour a day.  By doing this in the mornings, you will ensure you approach every day with motivation, purpose, love and joy.

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