Saturday, 7 November 2015

Where Does The Time Go?

Time Ticks - Weight Tocks!

I can hardly believe it's been over a month since I last blogged! Wow!!

During this time I have been busy increasing my walking regime again - over the Winter it became a little less regular, hosting visitors from overseas (and yes, that does mean eating and possibly drinking more than usual!!), reading self development books and taking some time to be ME!

AND during this time, I've been keeping my discoveries to myself - so with my heartfelt apologies, here are some of my learnings over the last month:-

  • there is no try, only do (thank you Yoda)
  • excuses don't change the outcome
  • change comes from within
  • feeling the gratitudes and the goals as you state them make them more meaningful
  • happiness comes from within
  • emotional eating hurts physically

Of all of these gains, the emotional eating journey over the last month has been the hardest journey in my Life Journey that I've undertake for some time.  Do you emotionally eat?  Does it actually hurt you physically? 

I found that the emotional eating resulted in overeating, and since I've been at my goal weight for over 18 months, the physical pain came from a couple of areas:

  1. a sore tummy from overeating - this never occurred to me when I was overweight
  2. seeing the scales creep upwards by a couple of kilograms (about 4 pounds) - ouch!!

I've now been on a journey of learning to choose my response to the emotions that caused the eating.  This choice is only made by me, noone outside of me can make that choice for me. It is only ME that can change this reaction to the emotions.

How do you overcome your emotional eating habits?

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