Saturday, 14 November 2015

Heatlhy Mind And Body - Day 3 & 4

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On my Life Journey, making changes to habits, I can slip up.  Yesterday was no different. I can make excuses for not opening up my Healthy Mind and Body course work, or I can state what actually happened.  What actually happened was that I just plain forgot to complete the task.

Now, in the words of don Miguel Ruiz and The Four Agreements, I am being impeccable with my word (not berrating myself for not doing it) and agreeing that I did the best I could yesterday. And here I am today, completing the coursework from yesterday and also from today.  A little catchup and still the feeling of consistency and committment are strong and true.

"A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes"
- Ghandi

This quote from Ghandi is very reflective of how my day went yesterday, I knew it was to be a day of learning, as I was going to a training seminar. My mind was open and I saw different opportunities, including feeling confident enough to offer my services to an acquaintance - and he accepted - first sale done!!  Such joyous feelings from that, and then my mind was so much more open to learning.  Loved the consequences of keeping an open mind, thinking I was learning something new, then seeing it unfold and develop into business.

When you are learning a new habit, often you have an inner voice playing along with you.  This inner voice, which some have called a Lizard, is looking out for you, keeping you in your comfort zone, not allowing you to be hurt.  In doing this, the Lizard is also keeping you from changing your habits.

This inner voice will justify and make excuses for why you did not do something, it will justify why you are eating a little more every day, why you stay in bed rather than exercise, why you don't complete your tasks for the day.  All to keep you in the perceived place of comfort.  When the inner voice, or Lizard, is getting louder with justifications and excuses, that's when you know you're on the verge of change.

Embrace this inner voice, and use it to fuel your passion for the change you so desire.  

Your desired change may be that
  • you're fitter, 
  • you've dropped a dress size, 
  • you're able to keep up with the kids without panting, 
  • you're feeling comfortable in a bikini
  • you're eating because it's fuel for your body, and not smothering your emotions
When you are building new habits, taking one step at a time, in order to reinforce the change, is easier to do than jumping right in and changing everything in one day.

"Becoming is better than being"
- Carol Dweck

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