Monday, 30 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 20

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Even though I didn't want to log on today, it was a long driving day, 4 hours of driving, so my eyes are exhausted! I just got up and did it!

Interestingly, the content today was about stepping out of your comfort zone, to a place where you feel uncomfortable. It certainly feels uncomfortable getting to complete my lesson today, though I do know and appreciate that learnings and growth occurs when you feel uncomfortable - BRING IT ON!!

Creating a habit takes time. Did you go from zero to full speed on any of your bad habits (insert here the habit you wish to change, that could be eating chocolate, drinking cans of soda, or even smoking)? 

When you first started that habit, did you jump in and eat, e.g. a block of chocolate at once, or did you start with one square and slowly eat more and more?

Most habits become habits die to consistency and gradual increase in the behaviour.

It's the same with developing a new habit such as exercise. Just begin small, keep consistent, and gradually increase how much you do.

This is how I got back into my exercise routine, I started with just one small 25 minute walk on one day.

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