Thursday, 12 November 2015

Healthy Mind & Body, Day 2

Do You Self Sabotage?

Only on Day 2 of my new 60 day Life Journey committment to consistency and the Universe appears to be conspiring to sabotage me!!  Clients texting wanting products made up for them now, people popping into the clinic in my next scheduled time to do the course, hubby popping in to ask questions, and thoughts of what needs to be done next!  

Finally, I stopped and said, NO, I am doing this and the next important 'stuff' needs to wait for 1/4 of an hour!!

First statement of my course highlights the following:

"Your thoughts shape your day, and you have a choice on what you think and feel"

How appropriate - I woke up knowing I'd be busy, and it's been busier than I'd expected - so my thoughts truly are shaping my day. And, then I made a choice, to stop and breathe, and become more inspired in my path forwards.

I decided to focus on what is important for me - to move ahead on my healthy body goals, and to move ahead in my business!  It's been a busy day, but a day of focus, so that is important to me.

Be Grateful For Your Day & All It Entails

Be Proud Of Your Achievements, No Matter The Size

You Are Doing The Best You Can, Be Gentle & Grateful

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