Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Healthy Mind And Body

Your Life Journey To A Healthy Mind & Body

When you are working on your Life Journey, do you realise that it takes both mindset and physical health changes?

I've written before about where is your head, and I'm now going to tell you about a program I am beginning this week.  I will be reporting to you how it progresses.

This program is a 60 day program and it will be looking at making changes for the long term, in my mind, and in my body.

Yes, I have lost over 20kg in my natural weight loss journey and I am managing to maintain it (for over 18 months now). However, I recognise that I do still eat emotionally, that I do still have a FAT head (I am continually surprised that it's me walking past a mirror - is that really my body?) and that in order to make my Life Journey easier, I need to move from being unconsciously incompetent (doing the wrong things unconsciously, e.g. my emotional eating) to being unconsciously competent.

Yes, this will be a journey, and it will take consistency and commitment, but I did begin it today. Day 1 is completed, now onto the rest of my 60 day journey.

As I tick off issues, I will be reporting them here for you to follow, for you to begin to look at your mindset, your vision that carries you towards your goal, your nutrition, your fitness and what your daily focus becomes.

I want to support others on their journey, by sharing my own.  It's never easy to step outside of your comfort zone, but in doing so, growth occurs.

By being kind to yourself on your journey, you are more likely to grow and follow that journey through to the ultimate outcome you are seeking.  You know what that outcome is, write it down, envision yourself there, feel what it will be like to be there, OWN IT!

Today was a gentle beginning,
  1. defining what mindset means to me, 
  2. working a little on my why (how do I connect with my family every day, they are my support and my accountability partners after all, we all need support)
  3. defining what nutrition means to me, and my dedication to being my own nutrition advocate (I am dedicated to flushing my body with good nutrition, good nutrition will enable me to easily maintain a healthy body, a healthy body is preventative medicine, one of my values)
  4. what new fitness regime would I like to try out, and when will I do it (looks like I will be committing to taking a Stand Up Paddleboard lesson after all!!)
  5. what is my daily focus for today, what can you be proud of completing, undertaking, finishing, committing too today.

Always remember to be kind to yourself as you step into any new Life Journey, every day begins with just one step at a time, yet that step is the beginning of the journey that will take you towards your new outcome.

If you are interested in taking this journey too, contact me now for a free 1/2 hour consultation on HOW YOU CAN TOO!

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