Monday, 16 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 6

Weight Loss Help

Do you use the daily tasks as an excuse or as a reason? 

When you are on a Life Journey, it can feel easier to fall back on an excuse for not doing something that takes you a step closer to your goal.

Today, I could've very easily said, oh that's just too hard, let it go, and walk away. It was about getting my phone issues sorted out, but it relates to my Life Journey.

The person assisting me on swapping my intermittent faulty phone with a new one was not able to quickly and easily swap my info from one phone to another. The thought went through my mind

'Oh, you don't really deserve to have your phone replaced, just say it's too hard, walk away and take your almost ok phone with you, it'll be easier'

However, I overrode that thought and stated instead

'I deserve no less than anyone else, I am worth the best, because I am the best'

WOW, what a change for me!! Yes, I deserve the best, so stand up and ask for it!

Are you believing in yourself? And are you grateful for all that happens to you in a day, both positive and negative? All experiences help us to learn. 

Enjoy and embrace your learning as you go on your weight loss journey.

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