Thursday, 26 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 16

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Here we are, another day, another day of committment and completion!

Wow, oh wow, the feeling of excitement, knowing that I have got up, done my plank exercise, gone for a walk, and now completed another day in a row of my healthy mind and body course - feeling very proud of myself (yes, it is okay to be proud of your achievements, remember, I did say that you must first love who you are now? This applies)

The sense of purpose, knowing that after two weeks, things are starting to come together for me, enhances how my mood is, it enhances my motivation levels, and definitely reduces the procrastination!

Today is a day of purpose, gratitude and love for all around me.

Yesterday, my day started differently, and then it lifted, the changes that occurred because I took some actions, in both my business day and my personal day, were all positive.  I made the decision to work more efficiently, and I still managed to complete my tasks even when 'obstacles' arose (yes, they were positive obstacles, and they changed my routine, but I still completed my tasks!).  I even made a decision to turn off the tv and read a book, instead of fridge hunting when the ads were on, do you know what? When you read a book, there are no boring ads!! How incredible!!

Haa haa, feeling very positive about the journey forward.   It will always be a journey, never forget that!

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