Saturday, 21 November 2015

Healthy Mind and Body - Day 11

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Another busy day today, but the excuses did not override the commitment - time to celebrate!!!!

Here I am - celebrating being ME. Celebrating my commitment

Vision is the focus of today, what keeps you going?  What keeps you on target?

"With a powerful vision and strong desire, you can truly focus on what you want instead of what you don't want. With consistent focus on what you want, you can achieve it."
- Isagenix

Focusing on my energy, my ability to live in the now, avoids the worry of what is to come, the regret or wishes for what was - truly focusing on today, living for today, with today in mind.

Yes, there is always the big vision, where I'm going to, but by living in the here and now, I can see the future vision, without the worry, without the anxiety, without the continual wish that things were different.

My new mindset vision - what I am living into:

I awake with joy and excitement in my heart, running over my Morning 6 to keep me focused on what is to be done today, and the WHY.  During the day, the challenges don't give way to procrastination, they instead give me the energy and the excitement to forge ahead, as I know that this change, and change is exciting and to be embraced.  By focusing on today, on what needs to be done today to take me one step closer to my ultimate goal, makes the day seem so much easier and joyful.  One step closer to being able to help those who need their health improved, but have noone to turn to, no medical system to support them, one step closer to building a home for the homeless, creating an unique space for the homeless that is governed by The Four Agreements (and of course, an area for their pets!). This mindset gives rise to much gratitude that I have been put here to implement these options for those that need the extra help, all deserve love, joy, peace and gratitude in their lives.  

- Sandra Venables
Nov 2015

My WHY - develop your own too, it keeps you focused.

My vision is to impact the health of the children of HIV positive parents, to ensure they have the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest they can, in a healthy and positive manner. To repay Bern for all I have borrowed from him. To build a place for the homeless on the Gold Coast, that will support them, and their pets, in a way that is non-confrontational to them, that helps them achieve what they wish to achieve, that is run on the vision of gratitude and positiveness, and the Four Agreements, that allows others to grow again, to step into the world with love and know that there is a point to this magic life they live. My legacy will be to the chiildren of sick parents and to those without a home  
- Sandra Venables
Nov 2015

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