Friday, 13 November 2015

Do Weight Loss Apps MAKE You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Apps & Weight Loss

Weight Loss Apps

Do you use Smartphone apps to aid in your diet for weight loss?  Do you use an app to monitor your food intake to ensure you are following a natural weight loss?

A recent study undertaken in the US and published in the Obesity Journal, shows that the use of a Smartphone app to aid in weight loss did not have an effect.  This was when it was compared to personal coaching and a control group.

The study was undertaken on young overweight (considered obese) adults.  Those with the personal coaching had lost more weight after 6 months, but after 24 months, there was no longer a significant difference between the groups.

I looked through the supporting information and what I did find interesting was that the healthy eating habits index, when compared to the baseline, had all three groups increasing their calorie intake in the first 6 months!  After 24 months, the group using the Smartphone app had reduced their calorie intake closer back to the baseline.  So, does it make you more aware of what you're eating?

I personally use a couple of Smartphone apps. The first one I used was myFitnessPal.  I used this app to assess my calorie intake each day. You can also add your exercise and water intake, and even set up a supportive group of friends doing the same thing.  Make it a competition!!  I found this was good for helping me establish my portion control

The second app I have been using lately, is MapMyWalk. This is helping me monitor how long I walk for, and at what pace, giving a report on my activities.  You can use this with friends also, and can share it on Facebook (which I have been) to keep you motivated and accountable.  I quite like this one too.

I also have a Samsung smartphone, and it has a program on it called SHealth. This monitors my steps every day, which is useful for those days when I'm not actually doing an organised activity, but I can still see that I've achieved at least 60 minutes walking, in between meetings, or office duties.  So I find that useful too. 

Tell me what your experiences are of Smartphone apps and your weight loss journey

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