Monday, 9 February 2015

Top 3 Worse Things You Can Do When Ageing

These habits are deemed by some to be the top 3 worse things you can do if you want to slow down the ageing process.

1. Cardiovascular exercise - usually you think by doing cardio you are helping burn the calories, however, it's increasing the ageing process and in doing so, slows down the metabolism!

2. Eat a low-fat diet - good fats are essential to your hormones running around your body. Your hormones need to be in tip top shape for you to slow down the ageing process.  Have you noticed that since the introduction of the term 'low-fat' that the population continues to gain weight??  Most low-fat foods contain higher calories than their 'normal' fat equivalent!!

3. Yoga.  I personally love yoga, but do realise that it's not working out my body to create muscle and stimulate my metabolism.  I love it because it is about being still and present, something I often need to do.  However, being still and present does not build muscles, increase your metabolism or trigger your hormones to work effectively to reduce the ageing process.

So How Do I Change This?

By undertaking particular types of exercise programs that look at stimulating your metabolic rate (I love combining HIIT and all body weight training), by building muscle, and ensuring you provide your body with amazing nutrients in the appropriate quantities (including 'good' fats) to reduce fat, stimulate your internal metabolism and ensure your hormones are functioning at their peak.

Talk to me now about how you can start doing this today!

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