Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How Many Hours Do You Have?

I watched this TEDx talk today.  It was amazing.  This young man was talking about how many hours you spend at High School, all up 17,280!

The main question that is being asked in this video, is really about what are you doing with those hours?  How are you showing up?  How are you leaving your individual mark on the world?

This question can just as easily be asked about your working life.  In life, on average, you work  86,400 hours.  How are you enjoying those hours? Are you following your passion?  Are you leaving a legacy? Are you working to achieve your childhood dreams?

A great question as we venture forth in our Life Journey, whether that's about where we are in the world, how we appear to the world, or even how we turn up in our daily lives.

I really enjoyed the concept of being a conscious observer in order to find your passion. Look around your world as it is today, where are the glimmers that you observe that make you feel?

Enjoy the talk

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