Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Getting A Shocking Early Morning Wake Up Call!

My apologies to my followers for not posting anything this week.

We had some storms arrive in our area this last week, and we've been busy sorting out the results of these storms! 

It was a surprise to be woken by the house shaking at 5.15am on Friday morning.  Yes, you guessed it, a tree had fallen onto our house!

We were very blessed to have the carport in the way of this tree (not that the carport survived!!).

The carport saved our car and the rooms at the back of our house.

This, coupled with the few days of rain, did keep us housebound for a few days.  It's now been cleared off and made safe, so no harm done.  Over the next few weeks, we will return to normal no doubt!

Luckily, there was time on Sunday to go for a pleasant walk, to remember that the rain has a lot of positives too - check out this picture of the local waterfall!

I trust your alarm clock is not quite so shocking in your current Life Journey!  Enjoy your walks in nature.

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