Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines Day Dinner - While Dieting

Valentines Day and romantic meals - do they go thegether?

I believe they do, you can maintain your calorie intake for the day and still have a beautiful dinner, with a glass of wine, or even a sweet treat!!  Follow this blog this week to discover some very tempting dishes I've found and put here for your convenience, which come out as less than 600 calories for all the courses and the treats!!

If you are maintaining a 1200 calorie a day way of living while you're taking your weight loss journey, Valentines Day does not need to be dreaded.

Enjoy these recipes and come back to see more each day.

Today, we are looking at a special main course meal, a glass of wine and a special sweet treat.

Serve the scallops with a Japanese cucumber salad.  

A glass of white wine with the main meal, and for afters, I have some special Green Tea infused chocolates, wrap these in a beautiful silk or gossamer purse as a sweet treat after the main meal.

Overall the calories for this wonderfully simple, yet special meal are: 588 calories

Have an amazing meal on Valentines Day xx

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