Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day - Dieting Dinner

Another wonderfully easy, yet simple 2-course dinner, with a glass of wine is following.  The dessert for this meal can be made ahead, and the fun and games you get up to while eating it, is entirely up to you!!

This meal is a wonderful dish to warm up your wintery Valentines Day - enjoy!!

Serve with 1/2 a cup of quinoa that has fresh tarragon chopped through it

For your dessert try the Banana Pudding Pops - these are fun to eat, depending on what you decide to do with them!!  If you don't like bananas that much (a bit like me), you might like to try mangos!

 Accompany this with a glass of white wine (a glass is 5oz or approximately 150ml)

All up the calorie count for this meal is:
Pork chops - 257
Quinoa - 111
Banana pops - 82
Glass of wine - 116
Total: 566 Calories - within your 600 calorie budget!

Have fun xx

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