Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Life: Energy Experiment 1

Want to know how my first experiment was set up?

This involved a simple first experiment, just to establish if the Universe was listening to me, to see if I was 'tapped in' so to speak!

Well, according to Pam Grout and her experiments, there are some things we need to get out into the open first and diffuse.

  1. There is an energy out there, not dissimilar to electricity
  2. That energy is a "DUDE", call 'him' GOD' or whatever, but it's there
  3. GOD isn't necessarily a 'him', it may be a 'her', or an 'it', your beliefs
  4. The energy doesn't play favourites, we are all good enough to 'tap into it'
  5. The energy doesn't reward suffering only, it's not a test to see who is the best
  6. The energy isn't wanting us to do things for rewards daily, there is no judgement
  7. You can never ask too much of the energy
  8. Focus your attention on the energy and it's there, willing to give what you ask

Intention Setting

In this first experiment, I'm to ask for a blessing within the next 48 hours, something unexpected, something I don't usually receive.  This blessing will be unrefutable proof.

I'm writing this blog at the beginning of my experiment, my NOW, so I expect to see this proof within 48 hours of now, something that will be a clear sign, a thumbs up of proof, something that cannot be written off as coincidence!

Date: 18 February
Time: 3.35pm

Countdown has begun!!!

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