Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Life: Energy Experiment 1 - Results

Wow, wow, wow!!!

This experiment worked very well for me.  I set the time of beginning (18 Feb, 3.35pm), and within less than 48 hours, I was sent an amazing gift by the universe.

For quite a few weeks, I have been hearing yellow tailed black cockatoos around my area, always feeling disappointed that I have not been actually seeing them.  They are a beautiful bird, though I would say a little shy.

Yelltowtail in pine
You can hear the call early on in this video - they are quite distinctive.

Well, at 7.35am on the morning of the 20 February, I was at my treadmill, soaking up the joy of being in nature, when I heard the ever elusive call of the black cockatoo, hoping to see one, I stepped away from the treadmill and looked up at the massive eucalyptus tree behind our property.

Would you believe there were SIX of the birds flying around and around the tree, before landing in it for a while.

I was stunned!!!!

Did the universe deliver me a gift - in my opinion, yes!!! I have not seen six of these wonderful birds in all the time I have lived here (4 years now), and to see that many at once, was truly awesome!

Got to love the universe delivering on it's promises!

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