Saturday, 15 February 2014

Crash & Burn - Valentines Day Aftermath

There's always a lot of pressure on women to look stunning for Valentines Day - even though I play into it occasionally, it is still a big commercial venture that seems to pay off for all businesses in the community, from florists to newsagents, to bakeries, bottle shops and dress shops!!

What did you do that was special for Valentines Day that you would not normally be doing on a Friday night? I'm very lucky as I get spoiled with wonderful meals every weekend that make me smile at the effort that goes into making them and the love that is lavished in the kitchen.

Now, for many years I have struggled with Valentines Day, mainly because I've felt frumpy, overweight, tired, unattractive and many, many more negative words.  Have you ever felt like that? How can you feel great about yourself when you know you're overweight?

This is a shot of me 6 months ago - feeling very much fair, fat and forty - as the saying goes!!  How was I ever going to be attractive to my husband again, let alone to my own self image!

I was 82kg, or around 180lb, the heaviest I'd ever been in my life.  The feelings of disgruntlement, sadness, struggle, self hate and many more were all there in large amounts (actually this photo is one week into my change process - I was too terrified to take a photo at the very beginning!!!).

I've now been changing my lifestyle and routines for 6 months, and I've managed to get back into my wedding dress (in fact it's a little loose) for the first time in 13 (ok, well nearly 14 years now) years.  It's an amazing feeling to be so motivated, with energy and without all those extra pounds/kgs.  I've now lost 19kg, which is about 42lb, a lot of extra weight this little short girl was carrying around!!!

I'm now selling the products that I have been using with such success, and I really want to share them with you too, so you can create the self image you truly deserve. 

Click on the contact form to the right, and I'll be in touch with you to discuss how you can get started this week, with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - yes, you read that right - try going to your local chemist and getting a system where they'll give you your money back if you don't see a change you like in the first 30 days - it's incredible stuff!!

So looking forward to working together to get the best possible outcome for you in your self image, your motivation and your overall wellbeing!

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