Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Better than sex

This morning I've had the joy of listening to a wonderful coach, Arjuna Ardagh.


He has just released a new book called, yes, you guessed it, "Better Than Sex". Now, it's not about what you're first thinking, well, maybe it is.

Anyway, it's about your awakening, your internal knowing, why you are here, your inherent knowing.

What do you inherently know about yourself? Is it that you're a creative person, that you wish to help others, that your journey is to be on the ski slopes.......??  Whatever it is, it's what gives you such joy and peace within your world. 

It made me realise the truths within me that I've known for some time, happiness doesn't come from what you own, it comes from living your truth within - by doing that, trappings follow, and gratitude for the joy is immense.

You can find the post by clicking here - have fun listening to Arjuna and the experiences that are 'better than sex', it's fun.

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