Tuesday 27 February 2018

Calm Your Mind To Focus Your Mind

Creating Focus Through Calm

Choosing essential oils to create focus can create a variety of blends, as the essential oils do exhibit a multitude of properties.

For this blog, the essential oils I have chosen to share as a blend, will give you the strength to see the possibilities that are opening up to you, they will allow for you to increase your overall self-worth (from where overwhelm can come), increase your will power and resolve (for without willpower, we become overwhelmed and frantic at all that is required to be done) and it will give rise to inspiration for what is possible for you.

Choosing the three essential oils I have for this blend, will give a balance to the blend, as there is a top note (releases quickly and allows you to tap into your self worth), a middle note (lingers a little longer in your senses and strengthens your will power) and a base note (stays much longer and allows inspiration for all that is possible to become your focus).

The essential oils chosen for this blend of Focus Through Calm are:

Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

  • top note
  • tap into your self worth
  • rescue yourself before you rescue others
  • decongests the confusion you feel
  • calms any apathy and timidity
  • a tonic to your nerves, releasing fear, guilt and anger
  • feeling strong in yourself and your path, allows you the strength to clear the path of those that are obstacles to your journey
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris), ct linalool or geraniol

  • middle note
  • energises your will power
  • enables you to tap into your strength
  • grab a hold of your self confidence and overcome obstacles in your way
  • soothe your tired heart of the troubles you have been holding onto
  • dispel the despondency that is overwhelming your mind
Myrrh (Commiphora molmol)

  • base note
  • when your mind clears, you will embrace the inspiration to achieve your dreams, you will become clear on what is possible
  • allows you to see your dreams and vision clearly
  • enables you to manifest your dreams
These three oils together will clear the obstacles that are making your mind cluttered, busy and without focus, they will allow you to clear the obstacles that are blocking you and your mind, and free up the mind to calmly see what is possible for you and your future.

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