Monday, 27 April 2015

Is Chocolate On Your Daily Foods List?

Can I Have Chocolate Daily?

I admit to having a passion for chocolate, seriously, who doesn't?  Not many people it seems!!

What is the first thing you think you have to give up when you're changing your lifestyle in order to lead a healthy, sustainable weight loss? Yep, chocolate!

Guess what? You don't have to!!

There are studies that have shown that chocolate may be beneficial tool for those looking to achieve sustained, long term weight loss, with daily consumption of chocolate with a high coca content, i.e., good quality dark choclate!

So, where to find these wonderous treats?  I use Isagenix Isadelights, they are dark chocolate squares that are creamy, guilt-free treats that I use almost on a daily basis.  What I love the most about them, is that one square is enough - not like the lower quality chocolates I used to have, which never satisfied my cravings!
These scrumptious dark chocolate squares are creamy, guilt-free treats that you can enjoy on a daily basis. They are fortified with essential amino acids and B vitamins to help promote positive moods and added antioxidant-rich green tea supports cardiovascular health. - See more at:

Isagenix cleanse, isogenix

These wonderful squares of chocolate are also fortified with B Vitamins and essential amino acids (give you that feel good, positive mood factor!) and green tea (supporting your heart)

Enjoy good quality chocolate today, to enhance and support your Life Journey in the best possible way, I know I do!

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