Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Life: Energy Experiment 2

Okay, now I know the Universe is listening.  Now it's time for the next experiment.

In this experiment, it is about asking to see specific things.  You have 48 hours to ask to see a couple of different things.

Day 1 it was green cars

As I was working from home, and didn't venture out very much that day, I didn't get to see a lot of green cars. Later in the afternoon I was out driving, and there they were! 

Day 2 it was butterflies.

This day was a lot more successful for me.  It started off in the morning when I was working out on my treadmill - butterflies started appearing flying across the front of my vision.  After the workout, it was time for breakfast on the balcony, more butterflies appeared around a tree near the balcony.  Later in the afternoon I went out for a coffee, and there they were again, flying across the road on my way there, flying around the bushes outside the coffee shop, and flying around the car at the car park!  All up, Day 2 I saw 25 butterflies, how amazing.

This experiment is all about your thoughts sifting information and allowing you to see what you are looking for.  So, if you are looking at things negatively in your life, that is what you will be seeing as it's what your brain is showing you.

The universe is an abundant place and there are many things in our view, however, it is our brain that sifts the multitude of information and allows you to see what you are looking for.

Remember, set the intention, and it will occur!!

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