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Healthy Mind & Body - Days 26 - 32

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We all fall off the wagon at times, and in my journey, I have done it often enough.  BUT, the important thing in any journey is to get back up onto your feet, brush yourself off, and continue forwards, without negative self talk, and with a positive attitude.

Well, after a stint of completing the daily tasks in the program, I had an event that dumped me off the wagon unceremoniously!! A night out with friends, that turned into an affair bigger than Ben Hur, as the sayings go! Consequently, I was exhausted after staying up until 3am drinking red wine, and then waking at 7.30am (it's hot and very sunny here at that time!) thinking I'd had plenty of sleep - what a joke that was!!  By the time I got home later that afternoon, my mind wasn't on my program, or my healthy eating at all.  So, another glass of wine and an early night followed.  What happened to my committment? Well, truthfully, I slept through it!!

Then, it was about getting back into the routine.  How easy is it to find excuses not to do something, even though you know how good it is for you to be doing it?  The self talk is always full of excuses.  Well, it took me until Thursday to step back into my routines, just the program, as the healthy eating resumed very quickly on Monday, followed by a full cleanse Tuesday and Wednesday - boy did I feel so much more energised for doing it!!

On Thursday I completed days 26 - 29, then the storm hit! Well, it was a fairly heavy thunder and lightening show (very pretty too, sat outside and watched it until the rain became too heavy and my shelter not dry enough!), so all the computers and modem were switched off - end of that day's committment.  No excuses, it was done, but the blogging wasn't complete.  Never mind.  

Now, here I am, on Day 32, finishing up days 30 - 32 and finally blogging about the journey.

I found it interesting that the first topic discussed was mindset on Day 26

Your mindset is fueled by your thoughts
How you feel is associated with the thoughts you choose to accept


Your actions & your attitude create your reality

Then we looked into the excitement factor.  When you begin a new way of eating or a new exercise regime, or even a new mindset programme, there is an element of excitement that carries you through the first steps of this isn't there?  Then the excitement drops.  What happens then?
Quite often, this is the time most people QUIT.  But, if you keep doing it anyway, then you are beginning to develop a sub-conscious habit - that is what you're aiming for when developing new habits - to be able to do it without having to feel forced, to think actively about it, it just happens!

Do you plan your day?  What happens on your day off, especially when you have no plans?  Yep, pretty much nothing right?  Well, having a plan, even a simple one, will keep you focused on your tasks for the day ahead.  Plan it out the night before, make it one of your last tasks you do before you go to bed at night - what is it you want to achieve tomorrow, and when will you do it.  It can be as simple as "I am walking for 20 minutes at lunchtime" - notice the language? You are saying I am.  This tells your body that you are doing it, not that you should or you might, but that you are doing it!

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