Thursday, 3 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 23

Weight Loss Help

Things are getting tough, you'd think after 21 days that there would be a new habit formed. But, it's till difficult! A struggle.

Does your journey ever feel that way? I'm sure it does at times. Changing the habits of a lifetime, or years of self talk can be difficult to change. Mainly because your inner voice, or your inner Lizard, wants to keep you in a place of 'comfort', a place your person has been 'ok' with.

My inner voice is about self belief in being successful in all that I do, it then wishes to reinforce that I'm not successful, so it creates situations where I cannot succeed, thus reinforcing my weakness, and hence, my place of 'comfort'.

Does this happen to you?

The joy of the program I am currently doing is that it's working on my self deception, allowing me to identify it, recognise it, and thus be able to pick up on it, and therefore to CHANGE the outcome

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