Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Healthy Mind & Body - Day 21 & 22

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Thankfully I follow the Four Agreements, and know that I have done the best I can!

Yesterday, I set out to achieve a goal. And I achieved it!

The goal was to climb Mt Warning in 3 hours or less. It was a struggle, it was a very hot day, and my hubby was getting affected by the heat. 

On the climb, an interesting thing happened. Just before the summit, the last 0.4km is almost a vertical rock climb, my hubby was struggling, and he said to me to go on ahead. It reminded me of our life in business. Every day my husband supports me in my business goals, always there for me, always pushing me to complete my goals.

I believe everyone needs a champion in their corner, who is your champion? 

On a Life Journey, everyone needs someone who supports them and keeps them accountable. 

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