Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hemp Seeds & Weight Loss?

Seems an unusual combination doesn't it? How do you use hemp seeds (if you can obtain them for human consumption in your country) in your new lifestyle journey?

Well, firstly there is some interesting information available about hemp seeds and hemp oil that will support your knowledge and ultimately your body on your life journey.

Hemp seeds:
  • contain healthy fats (omega-6, omega-3)
  • are considered a complete protein (contain all the essential amino acids our body requires)
  • are a good fibre source

How does this information help on your life journey? 

As you may remember I have written before about how you need to increase your muscles in order to burn more calories or energy, thus reduce the amount of fat contained in your body. 

I have also written about increasing your metabolism by increasing your protein and increasing your fibre.

We also need to remember that our body needs good healthy fats in order to transport hormones around our body efficiently.  Hemp seeds contain both omega-6 and omega-3 oils, and in the ratio recommended by WHO as being ideal, 3:1 (omega-6:omega-3).

This allows us to consider hemp seeds as a viable supplement to our diets, to ensure we are obtaining our required protein, fibre and good fats every day.  Of course, there are other nut and seeds, oils, protein sources that will do the same as hemp seeds, but for such a versatile, all in one package, they seem a great source.  Also, they are rather in the headlines recently due to all the new research going on into hemp oil and it's potential health benefits. There is much more you read about on that issue elsewhere.

Interestingly, it has been shown that 2 tablespoons of hemp seeds contains 7 - 11 g protein and 1 - 9 g of fibre.

A good way to introduce them to your diet can be by adding a tablespoon to your breakfast smoothie, including them in your loaf of bread or by including the oil in your salad dressings or dips.  Remember that as they are a seed oil, they will impart a nutty flavour.

Let me know if you use hemp seeds and in what recipes you use them.

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