Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Chocolate, Today & Every Day!

Yes, I've written before about having chocolate on your life journey, now there are studies confirming that a little chocolate every day will reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Interestingly, these studies highlight that it can also be milk chocolate, for those of you who don't really go wild for the dark chocolate!

The average intake of chocolate was only 7g, so keep a lid on the chocolate box! Remember, everything in moderation is okay, it's the times we take them to excess that causes us to flounder when we're going on our life journey of change to good health.

I should know, over the last few months, I've definitely been taking some things more frequently than I should have been. Consequently, the scales have noticed a change on the upwards trend (thankfully, I'm still quite toned and the clothes all still fit!). 

Interestingly, it is because I still regularly monitor what I weigh, and regularly take part in 30 day challenges, that allows me to be on top of any silly mistakes I've been making lately.  What are my mistakes?  Well, here they go:

  • exercising only twice a week, ususally it's four times
  • having more than a glass of wine on a Friday night
  • staying snuggled in bed on these cooler winter mornings

Essentially I've been indulging a little too much in the department of wine, and not enough in the department of alcohol!  However, I know that it's fixable, and this month will see that change! 

In saying that, I won't be stopping my regular treat of chocolate over this time. For a few good reasons:

  1. I don't believe a way of life is about restriction
  2. The chocolate I eat has green tea infused into it, thus improving my mood, metabolism and energy
  3. Now I know that a small amount can be beneficial to my overall health
  4. I LOVE chocolate!!

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My Favourite Chocolate Treat

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