Friday, 8 May 2015

To Weigh, Or Not To Weigh - That Is The Question

How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

It seems to be an important question, especially when you are striving to lose weight. Do I weigh myself daily, or weekly, or even less frequently?
How often do you weigh yourself, and why do you do it at that frequency? 

To me, this is the more important question, that of why do you weigh at that frequency.

When I've been losing weight in the past (part of my old yoyo dieting habits) I would weigh myself once a week, as I didn't want to be disappointed after a weekend of being not so strict. I made sure that the weigh in day was Wednesday, that way, I'd allowed myself two days post weekend to 'recover' my weight gain over the weekend!  A very calculated approach, and well thought out too I believed!

However, over the last two years, my pattern has changed (I've lost weight and for over a year now, it has been maintained), I now regularly weigh myself on a daily basis.  

I feel more able to monitor my weight before it becomes an issue for me, and to understand when I need to implement some measures to ensure I stay on track with my nutritional program, e.g., it's time to shower my insides again, reduce my glasses of wine, increase my workouts etc. It also allows me to reflect on what I've been following in my lifestyle for the last week, and I can pinpoint the unhealthy choices so much easier, and rectify them easily too.

Now, some of the argument against weighing yourself daily stems from the concept that those with an eating disorder are forever on the scales weighing, measuring, and then allowing food intake, or the amount of exercise to be undertaken, be governed by what the scales say.  I am not like that!

Interestingly, there now appears to be scientific support of regular weighing, along with regular weight loss education, when you are looking to lose weight.  

The study, published this year, showed that those that weighed themselves daily, along with being provided regular education about weight loss, implemented more weight control behaviours than those that weighed themselves less regularly.


What Do You Do?

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