Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Snacking And Dieting - Compatible?

Can I Snack When I'm Dieting?

This question is a frequently asked question.  My simple answer is, don't diet!  

Why do I say that? Because I'm a strong believer in making changes to your lifestyle, not in restriction as a way of life!

Did you know that healthy snacking can support your weight loss?

Let's be honest, when you first begin your new lifestyle, which can include lesser portions and a, seemingly, smaller variety of food, you often get hit by hunger pangs.

These hunger pangs shouldn't be ignored - ignoring them is putting yourself into the region of restriction, 'not allowed' and a sense of compromise.  When you are looking to change your lifestyle, choosing nutrient dense snacks that will support the increase of your metabolism is a better option.

What is a nutrient dense snack?
 It is a snack that is:
  • high in fibre 
  • high in protein
  • contains vitamins and minerals.
What isn't a nutrient dense snack?
It is a snack that is:

  • high in salt
  • high in fat
  • high in sugar.
These all give you a temporary feeling of fullness, but it doesn't last long, and can result in a drop in your sugar levels, where you, again, feel the need to snack an hour or so later!

If you don't choose a nutrient dense snack, the 'starving' feeling will eventually lead you to 'pig out' or overeat on all sorts of unhealthy snacks, anything that comes to hand, and, if you're in a shop, away from home, that will usually become empty calories, nutrient deficient snacks that will quickly become fat.

For me, I choose the following nutrient dense snacks, the reason being,
  1. they take away my cravings for sugar, 
  2. they take away my sense of 'not having enough yet', and 
  3. they take away my hunger pangs!

I love Fibre Snacks (full of protein and fibre), Slimcakes (high in fibre) and IsaDelights (Dark chocolate infused with Green tea).  All of these allow me to feel able to reach for a snack when I'm hungry, without compromising my ideal to eat a healthy diet!  There is ALWAYS one in my handbag, so I never feel the need to reach towards the supermarket shelves when I'm out and about.

Other ways you can find high fibre/protein snacks are to eat some raw veges, fruit and nuts such as:

  • raw carrot sticks
  • raw celery sticks
  • raw vege sticks with 1/4 cup of hummous
  • an apple
  • Greek yoghurt and fresh berries
  • hard boiled egg
  • 6 raw almonds
Enjoy  your healthy snacks, knowing you're maintaining your choice to live a healthy lifestyle.  Enjoy these wonderful treats in the recipe below also - total YUM!! And healthy!!

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