Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Managing Self Doubt

Experiencing Self-Doubt?

A recent blog I read discussed self-doubt, and how to manage it.  Do you experience self-doubt?  How do you experience it?

I experience it mainly as a voice in my head, saying things such as

  • 'you're not good enough'
  • 'what makes you think you can do this?'
  • 'you're short and stocky build'
  • 'you'll never be a super-model'

Now, some of these voices are mine, and some of them are from grown-ups from when I was little.  It doesn't really matter whether you hear or feel the self-doubt, but being aware of it is a start.

When self-doubt approaches you, do you listen to the words, the feelings? Or do you do something about it?

From the blog I read, here are 5 easy steps to manage your self-doubt - some of which you may already do.

  1. Breathe
    Take some deep breaths when the self-doubt hits you. This not only relaxes you, but also begins your journey of self-awareness of the self-doubt
  2. Identify The Self-Doubt
    Listen to how you are experiencing the self-doubt. If you're like me, it's voices in your head, either your own, or your parents, school teacher............. or it may be that you feel the self-doubt, experiencing fear, doubt, anxiety........................  Once you've identified how you experience  your self-doubt, then you can start to address it. What started it, why are these thoughts/feelings coming up?
  3. Accept It
    Don't battle the self-doubt. Accept it for what it is, take the time to understand where it is originating from, and thus accept it. Don't dwell on it, just be aware of why you are feeling the way you are about the event (it may be a change of eating habits, a change of exercise, or achieving something at work..........).
  4. Talk About It
    Voice what the self-doubt is, and what it is about. This can be either to a trusted someone who is a great listener (and not a 'fixer'), or to a recorder.  Don't pull the self-doubt apart and make it a bigger issue than it is. Simply state what it is, what it's about and then put it to bed.
  5. Be Empowered
    Go and do something that allows you to feel strong and empowered in what you do.  This can be anything that you know you do well, and that gives you a sense of strength!




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