Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Want To Annoy Your Fellow Gym Goers?

As it's still January, many people are still going to the gym.  They are still flush in their efforts to 'work off' the extra pounds or kilos they ate onto their hips over the holiday season!!

Most of these people are labelled January Joiners - a great label, as they sign up in January, usually fade away by February and are never seen nor heard from again, until January next year, when the cycle is on "rinse and repeat"!!

As a regular gym goer in the past, one of the things that used to get to me with these 'newbies' was their lack of ettiquette in the gym!  Do you notice this?

Things such as:

  • not putting the weights away after they have finished, imagine having to lift that 200lbs off the machine
  • not wiping down the machine they have just melted over, with the antibacterial solution provided
  • jumping onto equipment you have been patiently waiting for, i.e., queue jumping
  • not bring a sweat towel to the gym with them
  • not wearing deodorant
  • not looking around to make sure they are not in your way before they start their exercise
  • wearing your gym gear from yesterday

I recently read an article that also outlined the health hazards in the gym - I'm not going there, as it was by far too scary to read about, let alone write about. Let's just say, keeping your own hands clean before and after using equipment is a must!

I'm sure there are plenty more you can tell me about - what's your pet hate with the January Joiners?

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