Sunday, 14 January 2018

Joy, Love, Purpose and Self Confidence

Rose, Peppermint, Petitgrain

Walking your Life Journey can take motivation, consistency and trust.  Engaging in these and other emotions aids you in your Life Journey by supporting you in your daily lives.  

How to do it?

I use essential oil blends in my daily work. I have been using these oils in my own Life Journey, and use them every day to help me head in the direction of Life I am aiming for, whether that is in my health, my wealth or my mental and emotional states.

This blend I have chosen for you encompasses the major aspects of self-love, clarity of purpose and self-confidence.

Rose otto:
  • Rose is central to Love and to Self-Love
  • It aids you in removing the walls you have built up around yourself to protect your emotions from hurt
  • Rose allows you to live your life with passion
  • With rose you will feel a sense of contentment in your life, an acceptance of where you are and where you are heading to
  • Rose releases your inner vision and gives  you a sense of inner freedom
  • Peppermint fires up your sense of Life's Purpose, it allows you to connect more fully with your WHY
  • It allows you to take the necessary steps to make change in your Life enabling you to follow your Life's Purpose
  • Peppermint provides you with the stimulus you need to avoid the lethargic, tired, exhausted feelings, keeping you connected to your reasons for following your Life's Purpose
  • Petitgrain allows you to access your inner knowing, your stored memories from when you were self-confident, giving you the ability to reach down and connect with your self-confidence self again
  • You know that you can succeed in your Life Journey and you can connect that knowing to your motivation, stimulating your motivation to succeed
  • Petitgrain allows you to feel harmonious when you are on your Life Journey, while giving you a sense of being uplifted
When you wish to use this blend, allow 2 - 3 drops of each (though one drop of Rose otto is sufficient) and vaporise for one hour a day.  By doing this in the mornings, you will ensure you approach every day with motivation, purpose, love and joy.

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