Sunday, 7 May 2017

Weekly Exercise Is Complete


After my first 6 days of my 30 days of commitment, I'm very happy to report that I have completed my goals this week. 

Those goals included:

  • no weighing on scales after day 1 
  • drinking more than one litre of water a day
  • sticking to my healthy eating plan, this included two cleanse days
  • writing in my gratitude diary every evening
  • blogging daily (well, yesterday I posted my quick blog on Facebook, so I'm counting that!)
  • exercising 7 hours over the week (I actually walked for 7.5 hours overall)
What I have discovered so far this week is that keeping at the forefront of my mind my 30 days of commitment has certainly helped me when rocky moments have occurred.

My next goal to achieve over the next 7 days, is no alcohol. I have been abstaining for all of last week (apart from last night when we had visitors, hence why I didn't want to start from last Tuesday) and am all set up for my first week.  It may not seem like a big goal to some of you who rarely drink, or even those that don't drink at all, but for me, I enjoy my glass of wine over the weekend, so next weekend will be my test.

I hope you enjoy my photos from today's walk along the beach, we thought it would be nice to have a beach break this weekend.

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