Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Gratitudes Keep You On Track

Daily Gratitudes

One of my commitments during my 30 days is to engage again with my Gratitudes Diary.  This diary has a special talent. That special talent is that it creates an uplifting energy to my day.

A few years ago I may have said that a Gratitude Diary was a good thing to have, but I wasn't engaging in it.  I remember thinking, "surely just thinking positive thoughts is enough"?

I don't believe it is, the thought is a great beginning, don't get me wrong, I love the power of positive thinking, however, as a stand alone, I believe an action needs to be undertaken to complete the power of the thought.

This action is writing about it. The action of writing about a positive thought, lets that thought settle into your very being, it creates a vibration within you that goes cellular - well, I believe so anyway!

Actions cement a thought. Have you ever tried to learn a new concept? Did just reading about it cement it in for you? Or did you have to actually go out and do the thing to really learn about the process?

I have always found in learning, especially when it comes to new habits, that repetition, repetition, repetition always works well!  

So, take action today, grab a piece of paper and start tonight. Write out five things you are grateful that happened to you today - it may have even been someone cutting you up in the traffic, because it led you to a different way to work, that meant you got to see some amazing graffiti that you wouldn't have seen before (now you get to see how my mind works!!).

Get writing and let me know how you feel after you've written out the five things that made you smile throughout your day today, and whether it gave you a lift or not.

Check out my video on my Facebook page too where I discuss the Gratitudes Diary!

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