Thursday, 4 May 2017

Beauty Is As Beauty Sees


This morning on my walk, I stopped to talk to a man taking a photo, he had a tripod and a good quality camera, but for the life of me, I couldn't see what it was that he was photographing. So, I had to stop and ask. It turned out he was photographing a tiny spider web, as it had grasped the tips of two different plants and made the web holding them together.

It got me thinking about what we see and how we see it. The spider web was obviously a thing of beauty to this man.  To me, it was nature doing what it does best, living.

We all see the world through our own rose tinted glasses, and I'm always reminding myself and others of that. We all see a situation differently, a scene differently and even how we see ourselves.

I was recently reading an article that discussed how we view ourselves.  In particular, how we view our body.

Did you know, there are studies that assess how you view your body, on a 'fat' day and on a 'normal' day. Now, the 'fat' and 'normal' aspects of a day are in your head. Your body has not changed from yesterday in a discernible way so that you would notice it.  

Have you noticed how you view yourself in the mirror? Some days it's with an ounce of love and joy, others that love and joy have turned into criticism and hate.

I would suggest that we start appreciating our body, that we always shower it in love and joy, and appreciate what it does for you every single day, the millions of actions that occur to make it function mean that your body is AMAZING!!! How it looks is in your head. It's not how it looks to the person next to you or even to the person next to them, both of them will view your body differently. Now, start viewing your body with love today!

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