Tuesday, 2 May 2017

30 Days Of Commitment

30 Days Of Commitment

What does it take for you to be true to a commitment?  I've committed to goals in the past, and they have generally slipped away. Why you ask? Well, to be perfectly truthful, I'm a great and energetic starter, and a poor finisher. This can be seen often in my work, I am full of enthusiasm for new projects, for new ideas, and after some time, they fade, I lose interest and the completion date comes around more quickly than I realised.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do always finish! I'm a great last minute finaliser of projects in work (in fact, here I am at 6pm at night writing a blog I promised myself I'd get done today, at 8am this morning I promised this!).

So, I'm working on changing this. 

How do you do that? With a plan!

Thinking I'm strong enough to do this alone is a bit silly, I've failed at it before, and no doubt, without a mentor, a coach and self belief, I'd continue to fail at it again.

So, this time is different.

I have a coach on board, they will daily be questioning me on whether my choices fit in with my set goal and plans.

I have a mentor on board, a group of like minded individuals all cheering each other on (I believe there are over a thousand of them, but all supportive and with some great ideas). This group offer tips, hints and motivation on a daily basis, my coach will be asking me if I have looked at them every day.

I have my gratitude diary set up and ready to complete on a daily basis.

I have my blog, and a commitment to write on it every day, revealing the difficulties I encounter and how I overcome them, as well as the good times, the gratitudes I want to share.

I can see that this is different already.  For starters, I am writing this instead of closing up my clinic and heading up to the comfort of the lounge. That is a bonus for me.

So, what is my 30 day commitment? It is specifically this:

Healthy Eating on a 5:2 plan for 30 days
No alcohol for 30 days
Writing on my blog for 30 days
Exercise for a minimum of 7 hours per week (can be 2 hours in a day)
No weighing on the scales for 30 days (Day 1 and Day 30 only)
Always see my body and send it love on a daily basis

When I first began my journey, I was committed and lost 23 kg over 8 months. Consistency won the day, and for the following year, consistency allowed me to realise that I can maintain my weight. Holidays and a failure to be consistent reminded me that I do love food, and wine, and the consequences are a couple of kgs!  

I will be honest and admit that I have rebounded by 6 kg over the last 2 1/2 years (they do say that on average an adult increases in weight by 2kg/year).  However, I am still in a body I love, one that is healthy and exercised regularly. I do wish to do this for me.  I want to stop the sometimes/wishywashy/it'll be ok/oh, next week is fine attitude. For me and my self worth, I am committing to 30 days of routine!

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