Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Healthy Mind & Body - Days 46 - 56


When you are committed to something, do you do it consistently, or do you do it haphazardly?  Consistency creates habits, does haphazardly also create habits?

I'm finding in my current Health Mind, Healthy Body challenge, that haphazardly is also creating habits, or at least habitual behaviour.  I'm sure it relates to the accountability option - I need to be seen to complete the program, as I have been talking to you all about this consistently for the last 56 days - now there are only 4 days remaining on the program, and I'm determined to complete each entry ontime. I want to increase my percentage for this aspect!  Finally, the challenge is kicking in.

Isagenix cleanse
Up to date, and the challenge is on!

Does this ever happen to you? Or are you more likely to keep quiet about your journey, in the hope that noone will notice if you don't complete it, or if you fall off the cycle you have been on?

Maybe you are a little like me, when I first began my weight loss journey in 2013, I kept very quiet about it all. I have tried so many different ways to lose weight, and invariably, there was failure.  So my whole mindset was geared up for failure before I even took my first step!

So, what changed this time?  For me, there was an underlying determination to move forward. I'd never been the weight I was in July 2013 before. I was 83kg, a whopping 28kg above what the weight charts determined I 'should' be for my height.

I was also determined to look after my health.  My Dad had just recently passed away from a digestive related disease (oesophageal cancer), and there was a history in my family of various bowel cancers, so the emphasis was on me to change the patterning in my family, to the best that I could.

My mindset was changing, I could see that.  It was a good start.

Then the physical changes began to occur.  Within a week of starting, I was waking up before the alarm, I was experiencing increased energy, I wanted to go out walking again, and best of all, the scales were changing in a downwards direction!! Yay! Shout from the rooftops time!

Nope - not quite yet

Time to make sure it wasn't just a phase, or a loss of fluid, or a blip in the system.

I had to wait until someone noticed the changes in my face, and the changes in my body shape before I would openly admit that I was on a weight loss journey, again.

Funny how you can have a "fat" mind still isn't it?

Well, this "fat" mind, has taken some time (over 2.5 years since I first started my journey) to begin to "see" me differently.

Passing by a mirror when I am at my goal weight can still be a surprise to me, 2 years after reaching my goal weight!  

This course that I have been doing, looks at not only my mindset, but also my attitude towards nutrition, fitness, energy, motivation, gratitude and more.  All have hit rock bottom at various times of my life, and still occasionally do.  One of the joys I experience now is that I no longer berate myself in my head, I no longer plunge into a binge of food and/or alcohol to cope with failure, I no longer throw pity parties and I no longer think "fat"!

These changes to attitudes have certainly helped me to maintain my goal weight, and are now pushing me to have a more toned body, finally I'm accepting that I have a beautiful body and am a beautiful person inside. Certainly, it has been a journey, and one that I have enjoyed bringing people along for the ride with me.

I'm now in the place where I can freely support others to do the same thing as I have been doing, by offering mentoring and guidance (for free, in case you're asking), alongside an amazing system of nutrition and philosophy.

If you're reading this, you're curious, so drop me a line and we'll see if we can get you started today!

Remember, a New Year, can mean a New You

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