Thursday, 14 January 2016

Healthy Mind & Body - Accountability - Completion

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After Day 60 was completed ( a couple of days late, for sure), I felt a sense of achievement.  A sense of completing what I initially set out to do.  This sense of achievement doesn't stop here though.  Now it's about completing my next 16 week challenge.

In 13 weeks and 4 days (as you may observe, I am not counting!!), I will be turning 50.  My goal for this 16 week challenge, is to achieve a trim, taught and terrific body by then.  This is not a weight loss challenge. It is a challenge about gaining muscle, more energy, clarity of mind and the love of life.  I am turning 50 with a passion, a mission and a sense of well being that I've not had for a while.

Why have I not had that?  It may be the same for you, sometimes you feel that you are just moving forward and not achieving all that you set out to do.  Life gives us obstacles, and hurdles, and curveballs and many other 'things' that steer you off course of what you set out to achieve.

When I was a child, my ambition was to help mankind to health.  This ambition has not changed. It has taken some detours along the way, for sure.  However, ultimately, the core self belief, that this is my mission in life, has remained true.  I trust that is why I support nutrition and I'm a natural therapist!

The only difference now, with completing my 60 day Healthy Mind and Healthy Body course, is that the focus on this mission is defined, it is full of passion and wisdom and it is being done already!  

By helping others achieve their sense of wellness and health, I am already achieving this mission.  My ability to see it in a bigger format has been clarified. I now know more about the depth that I wish to carry this forward.  The people I want to help, the communities that are looking for the particular help I'm offering and the ability for me to complete this mission is growing.

I seem to have gone off on a tangent - do you do that too?  It's the passion I'm feeling, I'm sure.

In order to complete my initial 16 week challenge, I have started my nutritional program again, I have set myself goals and I have initiated an exercise routine.

When are you setting your goals so that they are achieveable?  When are you starting on your Life Journey?


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