Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cleansing Days - Not Eating For A Day!

Is It Safe To Rest Your Digestive System Regularly?

My method of choice for looking after my body in such a way that I've lost weight, and maintained that weight loss for over 18 months, is that I rest my digestive system regularly.

When I first began my journey, my digestive system took this rest every week, for two days at a time.  Initially I dreaded the idea, I LOVE MY FOOD!!  

However, I was very surprised to see my body accept this rest period easily and without any issues. 

Normally, I was the type of person (you may know of them) that becomes very, very grumpy when their sugar levels are low, or they are saying they're hungry. Do you know the type??

It seems there was enough in reserve (in fact over 20kg of fat that was weighting to be used up!) to cover those days of rest.

Now that I've been maintaining my ideal weight for the last 18months or so, I don't rest my digestive system quite so regularly (as there's now less extra reserves!!), so I now rest it 2 - 3 times a month.  This seems to be working for me.

The question that is often asked though is:  "Is this safe, and is it a healthy way to lose weight?"

 There are many people advocating the nature of this method of weight loss, and, yes, I'm a firm advocate too.  We all do so, because it has "worked for me".  That is one way of looking at it.

However, the other way of looking at this question is by turning to the science of the process.  There are currently limited studies that have been undertaken using this methodology, in fact three.  All three have given positive outcomes for weight loss and health benefits from this method of eating.  A systematic review was undertaken and published this year, read about it here

If you wish to know more about the method I utilise, that includes having a botanical beverage regularly on the cleanse days, that provides your body with support in key antioxidant and detoxification processes, then feel free to contact me on the form at the side of this blog.

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