Monday, 22 June 2015

Scales Not Budging?

This can be a dilemma when you are undertaking your life journey and looking at achieving your goal weight soon.  Why do the scales just refuse to budge?

There has been a new study published recently that may highlight why some people lose weight quickly and easily, yet when you follow the exact same protocol,  including the same exercise routine, your weight loss is slower!

Essentially, the study states that different people spend their calories differently. That we're individuals, and what works really well for one person, doesn't necessarily work so well for another.  Personally, this is no surprise to me! I've been a dieter for the majority of my life, and if you're at all like me, you know what your body responds to and what seems to work for it.  For me, it's calorie restriction and an increase in the exercise activities in a week that works for me.  For others it may be that the calorie restriction doesn't have to be much and they're on their path of losing weight, yet for others, it may be that the calorie restriction has to be extreme and the exercise too has to be extreme.  Whatever it is for you, find out what suits you and your body.

So, why the difference?  Researchers still don't really know, but think it may be due to the function of your thyroid, your nervous system activity, your appetite hormones (yes, hormones govern how hungry you can feel), your yo-yo history in the diet area (slower metabolism when you're a yo-yo dieter) or  how much brown fat you have (the 'good' fat, the more brown fat, the faster you burn up calories to create energy).

The answer for you, if you're on a slower path, is to realise that we are all individuals, and that your journey may take longer than your friend's, but it will still happen if you stick to your well-balanced nutritional plan, with your exercise routines.  Remember to also take other measurements of your body to monitor, it's not always about the numbers on the scales, as measurements can still reduce even when the numbers aren't.  This is what I do with my nutritional plan - so grateful for a well devised, researched plan to follow, makes life easy.

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