Monday, 2 March 2015

The Gift Of Giving

Over the last week, I've been experiencing some challenges, not in the maintaining weight area, but emotionally.  Usually this results in a period of comfort eating.

I'm very grateful to say, this has not occurred.  Yes, it probably helps that the quality of the food I can reach for is not junk, resulting in comfort eating being very difficult to do!  But, for me, it's also been about reaching out and finding something else to fill the hole in the heart.

Today, I discovered what that something else can be.  I had a spare ticket to an event I am attending this coming weekend, it's worth at least $250 (that's what I paid for it anyway).  Today, I experienced the joy of giving that away to someone else who is in need.

Now, THAT is better than FOOD!!

I'm feeling pretty damned good at the moment........................

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