Friday, 8 August 2014

The Wonders of the Universe

Today was a day for being outside walking, the sunrise was stunning (as it always seems to be in the Winter here) and it was a crisp morning, a great time to walk briskly.

On my Life Journey I have often tapped into the powers of the Universe to establish what is available to me and to my Life Journey.  In that time I have undertaken experiments, as you have seen on this blog, and the Universe does deliver, frequently.

This morning, as I do a lot of mornings, but obviously not every morning, I set an intention.  That intention was to see a pademelon on my walk into a favourite part of the rainforest that surrounds us here.  This is because I've not seen any pademelons here for a long time, I was beginning to think they must have moved further away from the tracks for safety and peace.

Not very far into the walk, and we came around a corner and just about ran over a pademelon!!  Even with our chatting before we arrived at the corner and turning it and surprising the pademelon, it just stopped and looked at us.  The amazing thing about this is that these little creatures are very easily startled and hop/bound off at extraordinary speed given their size.  This one just looked, and waited while I sat and looked, before deciding to see if it'd stay around long enough for a photo shoot.  Yep, it certainly did - love it, and thank you Universe!

Feeling Free of Fat
Pademelon in the Rainforest

As the walk continued in this beautiful area, the discussion between us turned to me asking the Universe about seeing a pademelon.  The comment was "that would explain why we've not seen any noisy pittas today then".  So, being that type of person, I changed to asking the Universe about where the noisy pittas were today.

We continued our walk and talk and before you know it, there off to the side of the track was the first noisy pitta we had seen for the day.  It was very obliging, just like the pademelon, and waited for me to get my phone/camera out of my backpack and just stood and waited, no excited hopping about or flying off - absolutely incredible - so very blessed today!

Feeling Free of Fat Life Journey
Noisy Pitta in the branches

Well, I was so very pleased with myself and grateful to the Universe for these wonderful opportunities that I very nearly missed the most exciting gift from the Universe!

As we were walking back past the area where we saw the pademelon, we spotted it again, only this time, it had a little joey bouncing around beside it!! WOW!!!!  So very, very cute, and it quickly hopped back to it's Mum and climbed into it's mother's pouch for safety, so sorry, the only photos are in my memory - one day we'll be able to download these I'm sure, but for now, you have to take my word for how cut it was!

Now I was feeling so very blessed and grateful, the smile on my face was continual on the walk back home.  What a beautiful way to start the day off.

To end the walk, the Universe supplied this beautiful display of Jasmine, it has only just started coming out here, the camillia's are just about finished, the magnolia trees are still blooming, though on the wane also - Spring must be very close as the Jasmine is filling this mountain with perfume and joy.

Feeling Free of Fat Life Journey
Jasmine flowering

Have a glorious day today and enjoy the beauty that the Universe supplies for us so regularly

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