Monday, 8 May 2017

A Quiet Day - Time For Reading & Reflecting

Ready & Reflecting

Starting on the 30 days of commitment is a challenge.  There are always going to be hurdles that the Universe will put in your way, I find they are usually hurdles that test your commitment to your desired plan.

Have you noticed that this happens? You set yourself a goal, e.g., it might be the no alcohol commitment that I have just made, and THEN, out of the BLUE, comes a party invitation. Now, the struggle is: Do I accept and be among others that are partying and having a few drinks OR do I reject it and hide so that I can keep my commitment to me?

What would you do?

Well, this is just what has happened to me!  So, I've decided to go to the party, and I'm taking along my special drinks for the evening.  This time it will be my kombucha and soda water, and I'll make sure that I have some slices of lemon and/or lime to go with it. For me, the drinking is about habit, it's not about the drink itself. Finding myself at a party with an empty glass can be awkward, it can make you feel like you're alone while others are having a ball.

What I have learnt on my travels over the years, is that planning to succeed is what will get me through the evening. First step in my plan is to have fun! That's through setting an intention to have fun, and to stick to my commitment (as it's about benefiting me and my goals, not for anyone else).  This intention is the most important step of the plan.

The second step in my plan is to make sure I'm the designated driver. This ensures I cannot fail in my commitment to myself.  I have had tougher tests, especially when the host of the party has offered to put us up for the night. There goes that incentive to not drink. However, by planning to succeed, I have managed to overcome this.

The third step is to ensure I have plenty of my swap out drink on hand. This means ensuring I have a supply of drinks, a nice bottle for them to be in, the lemon slices and a nice glass to have my drink from.  

This is the planning that is essential for succeeding in any commitment you make.

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