Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Laundry & Your Workout

How do the two of these go together - you're hardly going to be running into the laundry, or pumping iron in there either!

Well, recently I read an article concerning the care you take of your workout gear.

Now, be honest, how many of you actually clean up your workout gear immediately after the workout?  Or are you more like the majority and leave it damp and mouldering away in your gym bag all day?

I know, when I was working in a 9-5 job, I'd go to the gym before I'd head off to work, no pitstop at home to hang the clothes up to dry out.  But, with the new fabrics that are all the go for our workout gear, it's almost vital to ensure they are not left sweaty and damp in your gym bag for a long time.

The best idea for your new gear is to hang it up to dry out as soon as possible.  Have a hanger in your car, or in a locker at work, where you can hang them to dry out.  If you do go home, hang them over the edge of your laundry hamper. This apparently stops the fibres breaking down, or becoming too clogged, so that you can ensure your fabrics last up to a year.

Another tip is for your workout shoes.  How often do you leave them damp?  A good tip is to stuff them with newspaper post workout, this will allow the sweat to be absorbed.  Did you know that placing your shoes in a washing machine and then a drier would break up the cushioning??  What I want to know is: WHO DOES THAT TO SHOES?????

Another tip is for your bra - it needs to be washed after every workout, this allows the sweat absorption fibres to be clear and able to absorb more sweat, salt and bacteria, next time you wear it!  Hmmm, lovely thoughts!  Also note, washing your bra in the same wash as your jeans, will damage the bra material, as the rough zipper will rub against it!

Oh yes, and finally, the best tip of all - don't use detergents with added perfumes, or fabric softeners or dryer sheets - these all clog the fibres of the material (bra or workout gear) thus reducing it's ability to absorb your sweat!

It seems that the wonderful new fibres we have in our workout gear today are actually very sensitive and should be replaced every 6 - 12 months.  Will be looking through my gear again soon, seems they must be at their use-by date already.

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